Monday, March 31, 2008

peer pressure

it's that time of the year where there'll be a string of kiddie birthday parties, as a few of them were borned in the months of april & may. yesterday's was the 1st.

A, the birthday girl told my son this: if you don't bring 2 presents, i don't friend you!

she made this demand because her other best friend E would be bringing 2, but what A didn't realise was that E will be going with a sibling, hence 2 presents. naturally, the boy innocently asked the wife for 2 presents too, but he accepted the explanation why he'll only need bring 1.

kids sure experience peer pressure at a tender age!!

anyway, the bunch of them had a great time:

musical chairs...except for a boy who's not into activities;

getting wet after the water balloons have been thrown.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

man in the mirror?

oday he showed his true colours again.

he demonstrated his gung-ho antics, trying to execute a procedure he was not properly trained to do...when he should have solicited his subspecialty colleague for assistance;

he belittled his assistants when they brought him equipment he was not familiar with....when he knows deep inside him that without them, he could not proceed;

he started blaming the patient for presenting with a difficult problem....when he should realise that this patient (& many others) will contribute to his next overseas vacation;

would you like this person to be your doctor?

i, i pray that i was not staring into a mirror.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


i wore this clean shirt to church this morning & some time during the sermon, the wife noticed this strange lipstick mark at the back of the shirt - strange because she's certain it's not one of her colours. i frankly told her i didn't know how it got there & i was sure she will interrogate me after the service.

oddly, she didn't mention it again until we were home & having lunch. she said a middle-aged member had made it a point to tell her that earlier in the morning, she accidentally walked into me while she was in a hurry, & transferred some of her lipstick onto my shirt. i remembered that incident but didn't give much thought to it as i considered it trivial.

i wonder what would have happened if this lady didn't inform the wife about it?
(i also wonder how the wife can notice the lipstick mark when she's supposed to be listening to the sermon)

so, girls, ladies & wives, sometimes (& only sometimes) when your man can't explain the lipstick on their external clothing, give them the benefit of the doubt, ok?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the call

he's probably the chubbiest 5-mth-old i have seen - weighing in at a massive 10kg. unfortunately he has sustained a bleed in the brain - i know, you're thinking, "oh no! not another brain surgery post!", but bear with me for a bit.

the difference is that it's very unusual for a 5-mth-old to have a bleed in the brain when there is no evidence of trauma. he is the long-awaited 1st-born in the family & had been cared for by his own mother & granny. after 5 days of not feeding well, the parents were shocked to know their precious little boy has a brain clot.

the surgery was a success & the father decided to go to Bangalore in India to offer prayers, perhaps for thanksgiving or for a full recovery to health, to the deity of his faith. after hurriedly obtaining a visa, he took a flight just today. i wished him a safe trip.

i did wonder what i would do in his position. it's perfectly understandable that desparate people do desparate things. probably not for me are the visa & airline ticket. maybe just a call to Jer 33:3

'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.'

Saturday, March 15, 2008

the aftermath

it's exactly 1 week after the general election, & the aftermath had been variously called:

1) tsunami

2) whitewash

3) brave new world

but as a star wars fan, i'd like to call it A New Hope:

of course, as current events unfold, you can expect a backlash from the ruling party at the next general election, which appropriately should be labelled, in starwars-speak, as

may the force be with you.