Friday, April 19, 2013

how to please the auntie....

i was talking to this 76-yr-old lady & her family before surgery & as I asked her to sign the consent form, she confessed that she can't write well because she's uneducated.

without thinking, i just replied that she's already has many children & grandchildren, & being surrounded by her loved ones is the happiest moment in one's life.

she thanked me profusely for saying that & that's when i learned that a little common courtesy can go a long way....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

falling like flies.....

last week, Dr T, whom I remember fondly as a lecturer in med school & who had kindly excised a lump on my forearm when I was a student, passed on after a prolong illness that was refractory to even the strongest antibiotics.....

this week, Dr B ingested weed killer & succumbed to its effects.....

this morning, my colleague Dr K suddenly passed on from a longstanding tumour....

people say doctors play God with the lives of others but i'd like to reassure everyone that nobody, least of all medics, can ever defy the laws of nature. with medical advances, we can stave off severe infections, bouts of depression or cancers but for a brief moment, in a feeble attempt to prolong our stay on earth but it's a matter of time before we meet the Creator.

the Wise Man said:

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

 a time to be born and a time to die.
rest in peace, my brothers.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

change of heart?

already in her 4th year of study in The Little Red Dot, the girl has always been lamenting about having to study extra hard - her own  perception as she compared with her ex-classmates who are doing A-levels or matriculation back home.

i do sympathise with her but that's the way it goes down south. it has always been cooker-pressure type of environment in school as the neighbour continues to strive to be the best there is. so, i've always reassured her that once she's finished this year, i'll let her choose the varsity where she intends to pursue higher studies.

her inclination so far has been either to australia or UK. so, it came as a surprise to me when i received this sms:

she wants to go thru all that perceived torture for undergrad studies? for a further FOUR years, at least?

this is my reply:
i have always suspected that there's a guy involved everytime she does something totally out of her own character, although so far, she has denied it each time.

ah, puppy love & crushes & all things nice.....


the girl has much to learn.....!

* a = grade A
* pw = project work, a requirement for entry into varsity.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

getting away with murder.

i meant this figuratively.

you know, like how some drivers behave recklessly behind the wheel & yet are not involved in accidents, which is unlikely.....

like how people continue to loot but are never caught, which is happening.....

or, like how some people indiscriminately eat all & sundry, yet are not over-weight or have normal cholesterol level, & i know one such person......

like this 70-yr-old guy who has been smoking 6 packs of cigarettes (120 sticks!!) a day for over FORTY YEARS (!!)& looks fit as a fiddle!!

except for a small area of the lower left lung which was infected, he was none the worse for it. the surgical procedure went thru smoothly.

no one knows why there are people who don't smoke but get lung cancer, yet this fortunate man who smokes like a chimney is living past 7 decades.

to me, i thought that's LIKE getting away with murder ....but i suppose there are also people who actually commit murder & actually get away with it.....!!

Monday, April 01, 2013

the day after.....

knives were wielded & the face-off was tense. however, the arrogant but unprepared backed off in time. bloodshed has been avoided but still, there were heavy casualties on one side.

naturally, an expected outcome when one held 7 knives while his comrade, 12. the losing side came unarmed & therefore suffered ignominy.

is this a military uprising?

or, political manoeuvring?'s only a doctors' annual general meeting.

note: knife = proxy

when it's not good to be a nurse....

the firemen have it.....

the postmen have it.....

so, it defies belief that nurses & staff employed at a private medical centre do not have medical insurance coverage.

the admin people go around begging requesting doctors to give generous discounts when the staff seek medical consultation & procedures, while the hospital impose their own charges with impunity. previously, all were covered under a group insurance plan.

& to think this is a public listed company......

what cheapskate employers!!