Saturday, June 30, 2012


malaysian students studying in s'pore have one distinct but small advantage over the local students - mastery of the malay language.

what's the big deal, you ask.

no big deal la, except that they make up most of the debaters for polytechnics/junior college teams in the national schools malay language debate. for the local malay schools, the madrasahs, the malay students participate.

my daughter's school, VJC, managed to scrape through the round-robin stage to enter the last 8 for the knock-out competition. the school's debaters are all malaysians.

what's ironic is that in the quarter & semifinals, they consecutively knocked out 2 madrasahs, only to meet, in the final, yet another madrasah, one whom they had earlier lost to in the round-robin stage.

they debate tomorrow. may the better team win. go VJC!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


after 2 weeks of wan tan mee, char kuay teow, mee siam, roti canai & dim sum, i kind of miss a good full english breakfast.
starting with oven-fresh bread with butter & juice, the main course usually consists of bacon and/or sausage.....
potato patties, baked beans & eggs.
the scrambled egg has a rich yellow colour because it's duck eggs. besides its high content of protein, vitamins A & E, it's also high on cholesterol.

just goes on to show that too much of anything can't be good.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

awfully quiet

my daughter has just gone back to the hostel. of the 4-week term break, we spent the 1st 2 weeks on vacation, & she pretty much stayed in her room for the next 2 weeks to revise for her mid-year exams starting next week.

it's not that she is loud or boisterous but the home seems awfully quiet without her presence. one less person at the dining table, one less passenger in the back seat & one less child to kiss goodnite.

we can't wait to have her home again in august!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MAS - rightfully the nation's pride

a lot has been written about the deplorable state our national airline MAS is in, suffering losses in successive years for some time now, despite having gone through several so-called transformation programs. these essentially involved cost-cutting, staff severance & asset stripping, amongst other painful processes.

we flew on MAS recently. the 747 jet looks old & the interior could do with some serious refurbishing. but i have to say, the cabin crew served with diligence & more surprisingly, a friendly smile despite the long haul trip. we had 2 main meals, which were pretty good,  & a snack with plenty of drinks in-between. the in-flight entertainment had recent movies.

even though the recent financial crises & rising jet fuel costs have affected the bottom line, as other regional airlines are similarly affected, ours has been a perennial problem for longer than that. the many management changes suggest that matters are not well at the top.

are we lacking competent & dedicated professionals to run our national corporations? i think not. just look at Air Asia. in the mean time, i hope the cost-cutting would not affect passenger safety.

yes, i've been watching too many episodes of Air Crash Investigation on Nat Geo channel, & a crash is not a pretty sight!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

fathers' day

a little token from the kids...

and just to share this.....

blessed fathers' day!

Blessed Day, my Father in heaven!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

what's there not to like about england?

well, not a lot.

1) a direct flight takes about TWELVE hours!

2) if your joints ache when it's cold, they still will even in summer - the weather is just too unpredictable!

3) in winter, the sun rises at 8.30am & sets 3.30pm, and the days seem to pass really fast!

4) the ringgit doesn't take you very far - a big Mac alone costs rm20;

5) after 5 days of bacon & sausages/sandwiches/fish & chips/meat pies, you'll crave for nasi lemak or char kway teow & you won't find a warung/food court up your street selling that!

6) if you drive, petrol is rm6.60 a lit!

and finally, if you're a victim of a poor education system and SPEAK NO INGRISH, you'd better off staying home.

Friday, June 15, 2012

what's there to like about england?

plenty, actually.

1) MAS flies twice daily direct to Heathrow;

2) frequent train/bus connections into London & beyond;

3) hotels & car rentals can be booked online;

4) people are generally friendly, courteous & honest;
5) people EXPECT you to be friendly, courteous & honest;

6) free entry into London museums ;

7) travel cheap on the bus/train/underground after 9.30am on weekdays & all day on weekends;

8)some cities charge high parking fees, & therefore provide good Park & Ride services - one fee includes car parking with bus ride into the city;

9) almost always a sainsbury/tesco/asda/morrison everywhere you go, some are opened 24/7;

10) almost always a good offer if you search hard enough;

11) a paradise if you love sandwiches;

even better in summer when the sun rises around 5.30am & sets 9.30pm.....
which gives you at least SIXTEEN hours to explore!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

4 wishes

i wanted to be  here......

she liked the atmosphere here......

he was thrilled here.....

and, the wife was on retail therapy at all three locations!

Monday, June 11, 2012

a leopard never changes its spots?

after 12 days away from home, having full english breakfasts

stew & boiled veggies


scones with strawberry jam & cream,
the 1st things on our minds for dinner were laksa, char kuay teow, prawn mee & cendol. 

once a malaysian, always a malaysian?

PS. nasi lemak? oh, we had that on the return flight.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

travelling light

when you travel by low-cost airlines, you tend to travel light because they charge for baggage. but when you travel by full-fare airlines, usually 20kgof  luggage per person is allowed without charge.

we usually travel light &  this time is no exception. with 4 of us, we checked in only 2 luggage bags. the total weight?


can anyone beat this?