Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MAS - rightfully the nation's pride

a lot has been written about the deplorable state our national airline MAS is in, suffering losses in successive years for some time now, despite having gone through several so-called transformation programs. these essentially involved cost-cutting, staff severance & asset stripping, amongst other painful processes.

we flew on MAS recently. the 747 jet looks old & the interior could do with some serious refurbishing. but i have to say, the cabin crew served with diligence & more surprisingly, a friendly smile despite the long haul trip. we had 2 main meals, which were pretty good,  & a snack with plenty of drinks in-between. the in-flight entertainment had recent movies.

even though the recent financial crises & rising jet fuel costs have affected the bottom line, as other regional airlines are similarly affected, ours has been a perennial problem for longer than that. the many management changes suggest that matters are not well at the top.

are we lacking competent & dedicated professionals to run our national corporations? i think not. just look at Air Asia. in the mean time, i hope the cost-cutting would not affect passenger safety.

yes, i've been watching too many episodes of Air Crash Investigation on Nat Geo channel, & a crash is not a pretty sight!


Small Kucing said...

hope it won't takes an air crash to wake them up. yes, safety must be first.

wenn said...

I like MAS but this time I take Emirates..

doc said...


so far, so good!

doc said...


if Emirates are cheaper, why not? after all, they have a modern fleet!