Wednesday, November 24, 2021

progress #2

Went back to the pharmacy to get the medicine for the earlier appointment. Arrived 5.02pm and the queue no. was 1534 while 1517 was being served. It's definitely not a market place after 5pm. Maybe it's because they have a satellite pharmacy at another site. Maybe it's just that they are better organised now. Either way, I don't expect to wait beyond 30mins.

Syabas, MOH!


I left the house at 6.40am to fetch my mother at the nursing home about 15km away. Picked her at 7.25am - it was raining and cars were queueing near schools. When we reach the hospital at 8.15am, I thought it was going to be one of those days akin to a market place. When the ticket number given was 2018 (auspicious?) and the current number was 2010, I thought perhaps the hospital and/or MOH has got the crowds figured out. 

It's 9.08am now and the queue no. is now 2017. Things sure has changed since the GH I remembered years ago.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Circle of Life

When I was younger, my mum used to bring back food from the office - food meant for her but she often forewent them to give us kids a treat. After more than 50 years, I still remember the cholera outbreak of the late 60s. Her team was tasked with vaccination of incoming visitors ftom Singapore, and she often brought home food provided at the vaccination site. One memorable treat was a bottle of Magnolia chocolate milk.

After I graduated, I was often given pens by medical reps promoting their products. Then came trips to conferences and currently, lunches were similarly provided by the medical reps. And now, I bring them home (lunches, not med reps!!) for my son to savour. Somedays, it's McD, other days it's Subway. Today  it's Nandos.

Call it paying it forward, or one good turn deserves another.

I call it the Circle of Life. And I can hear Elton John singing in my mind.