Saturday, February 28, 2015


the bane of most students & a major expenditure of most households.

because scoring straight As is the lifelong target from kindergarten to varsity.

OK la, i am just exaggerating.

but not by very much.

case in point : me.

i had taken BM tuition up to form 3 but not at form 5. which explains why i got a strong credit in form 3 but only a pass at SPM level. (yes, you've guessed correctly that i wasn't a straight As student.)

so, tuition is actually quite useful, if taken in the right attitude.

now that the boy is in form 1, we are thinking of trying to take the right attitude for his tuition. we came to the conclusion that he will only take BM tuition for now & he will be home tutored for the other subjects. i took it upon myself to teach him maths & science. however, today, he asked me a geography question.

so, what better way to study, master geography than to take out the secret weapon.....

a map of the world....with latitudes, longitudes, international date line & the Marianna trench. that should keep him from mischief for a while!!


flown the nest.....again!

my daughter has gone back to varsity a week ago.....and yes, even after all these years of living away from us, i still miss her much.


in the 3 months she was home, we managed a family vacation to hanoi & penang, played hosts to her friends on 3 different occasions & shared many happy memories eating out at her favourite food haunts.

                      **a most delectable pandan pancake with gula melaka & matcha green tea**

however, there are 2 stand-out events that particularly endeared her to me :

1) she taught me to appreciate the now concluded sitcom How I Met Your Mother. well, she didn't really taught me, but it's just that she has been watching it & when i watched with her, i sort of caught on. yes, it's legen.......(wait for it).......dary!

2) we enjoyed our walks/jogs around nearby the taman rekreasi. away from the prying eyes & ears of the rest of the family, we managed to share some of our dark secrets.....

"the long and winding road, that leads to your door, will never disappear" (beatles)

PS. i forgot to mention she left another mark behind, one we will not forget for a long, long time.....