Friday, June 15, 2012

what's there to like about england?

plenty, actually.

1) MAS flies twice daily direct to Heathrow;

2) frequent train/bus connections into London & beyond;

3) hotels & car rentals can be booked online;

4) people are generally friendly, courteous & honest;
5) people EXPECT you to be friendly, courteous & honest;

6) free entry into London museums ;

7) travel cheap on the bus/train/underground after 9.30am on weekdays & all day on weekends;

8)some cities charge high parking fees, & therefore provide good Park & Ride services - one fee includes car parking with bus ride into the city;

9) almost always a sainsbury/tesco/asda/morrison everywhere you go, some are opened 24/7;

10) almost always a good offer if you search hard enough;

11) a paradise if you love sandwiches;

even better in summer when the sun rises around 5.30am & sets 9.30pm.....
which gives you at least SIXTEEN hours to explore!!


TZ said...

I wanna to add two more...
1. you could watch the broadway show and shop @ Harrods... :p
2. you get to speak freely (aka freedom of speech) in Hyde park unlike in Malysia, don't even need to mention speak, sit quietly in Dataran Merdeka also prohibited.

wenn said...

I would love to shop at Harrods again..

Small Kucing said...

Nice. never been there.

doc said...


how true!

thanks for your comments.

doc said...


you'll need cash for that - lots of it!

doc said...


too bad Air Asia stopped flying there!