Thursday, April 11, 2013

change of heart?

already in her 4th year of study in The Little Red Dot, the girl has always been lamenting about having to study extra hard - her own  perception as she compared with her ex-classmates who are doing A-levels or matriculation back home.

i do sympathise with her but that's the way it goes down south. it has always been cooker-pressure type of environment in school as the neighbour continues to strive to be the best there is. so, i've always reassured her that once she's finished this year, i'll let her choose the varsity where she intends to pursue higher studies.

her inclination so far has been either to australia or UK. so, it came as a surprise to me when i received this sms:

she wants to go thru all that perceived torture for undergrad studies? for a further FOUR years, at least?

this is my reply:
i have always suspected that there's a guy involved everytime she does something totally out of her own character, although so far, she has denied it each time.

ah, puppy love & crushes & all things nice.....


the girl has much to learn.....!

* a = grade A
* pw = project work, a requirement for entry into varsity.


stay-at-home mum said...

let her go where she wants to go. Even if it is MU (U of Malaysia). haha. But why not NUS, It has just been ranked quite high in then recent university rankings amongst the universities in the Asia pacific, behind only U of Tokyo and U of Melbourne. I know it's pressurising but then diamonds are also made under stress!!

Andrea Boult said...

So you are sure that a male factor is in the equation? Hmmm.. What if she has already entered the comfort zone in Spore and find the idea of uprooting and starting over thousands of miles away from home daunting? Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

doc said...


if NUS is her choice, of course i'll be more than glad. it means she is in a top-notch varsity & is close to home.

it's the stress that i'm concerned about.

doc said...


comforts zones in S'pore?? few & far in between, I think, & my daughter is not one for working too hard.

she WILL uproot unless a local guy is throwing a spanner in the works.

we'll see.

Anonymous said...

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doc said...



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