Monday, September 24, 2007

the taxman also knocks twice

i had 2 visits from the taxman last month. by mail, actually.

1st, he wants to meet me for a "perbincangan"....

....& i was to bring the receipts from medical bills, life insurances, etc..etc, as proof of the deductions i had claimed.

2nd, as if to convince that he is all heart, that he doesn't just take our hard-earned cash mean, unfairly, he actually sent me a tax refund as well...

....that should cover the new laptop nicely, thank you very much!

so, i met him this morning - a meeting postponed from last week as i couldn't make it at a time he had initially planned. when i called him to inform that i couldn't make it then, he was really nice & said i could name the time & date at my convenience. i chose today. after photostating the receipts, he said he'll be in touch in a week or so. despite his smile & friendly demeanour, i have a feeling of helplessness about this.

after all, this is a tax audit & he is not about to waste his time scrutinising the near-fading receipts from the bookstore, without getting something (read: hard-earned cash) out of it. he has to, because his promotion partly depends on how much taxes he helped collect, or so i was reliably informed by an inside source. he has wide-ranging near-absolute powers & how he inteprets the tax guidelines may be at odds with how we perceive them to be. now, can you blame me for feeling helpless?

be that as it may, i'm comforted by a circulating email that if i can pay tax, then i must be gainly employed. more so, when Christ confidently replied to the question whether taxes should be paid to the emperor caesar :

Then he said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's. matt 22:21



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Anonymous said...


Hey, at least you now have the cash to go buy a new laptop.
The taxman can't take what doesn't belong to Caesar anyway, right?
Have a good week! =D

(sorry, in good mood today)

doc said...


in that verse, caesar & the taxman are one & the same.

is it too late to wish you the best for the exams?

never apologise for being happy, even if you are on dope. ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I know, what I meant was that the taxman can only take what he's entitled to and not more. Which is in response to your second last paragraph before the verse.

No it's not too late, it's right on time, thanks. =)

*starts giggling uncontrollably and not the least bit sorry for it* ha ha.

doc said...


have a blast after the exams!!

LX said...

Amiodarone is anti-arrhythmatic Class III, isn't it? We learnt that. Hehehe.. I remember the torsades de pointes as the side effect.

doc said...


that is correct - class 111 according to the vaughan-williams classification.

TDP can also be caused by class 1A & 1C drugs. (see

BTW, you left your comment in the wrong post.

LX said...

Hahaha! Wrong post lah. My bad!! Hehehe..