Tuesday, February 10, 2009

abandon ship?

we've been pondering a move out of our current Care Group. having been with them for over 4 years & witnessing its steady growth, credit for this positive transformation, from just 3-4 families to the present 8-9, is due in no small part to the shepherding skills of B8. in fact, i paid him a glowing tribute when the CG leaders met with our new pastor just last sunday. i was the only one who did so.

still, i thought it was time to move on. i have to admit our spiritual needs are well met in this CG with 1 exception - my daughter's. the adults study the lessons while one of the wives taught the kids. however, there are currently no other teenager attending this group & i felt it's important she interacted with her peers in a bible study setting. 

this is just an intent for now, having sounded out to B8 as well as the leader of the CG we planned to move to. we shall pray & see how we can do the Lord's bidding.


Alex Tang said...

I think 'abandon ship' is too strong a word to use. Remember we are a people in exile, wandering until we find our true home. Maybe the 'vocational call to holiness' means that you have to move on to another group.

doc said...


with a cartoon & a title like that, you knew i blogged tongue-in-cheek, right?

i agree that we are a people in exile but, unlike the Israelites, we already know where our true home is & which direction to head to.

Yan said...

Our Church has a Youth Worship Service and cell groups for youths. The youths truly love that and the leaders are doing a great job!

Probably get some leaders to start one - for the young ones?

doc said...


now that the Lord has (finally) sent us a Pastor, the next area to work on are the Youths.

Who knows, what (or rather, who) lies around the corner?

Anonymous said...

Youth are complex and fragile.
And that's what makes them so beautiful.

Daddy will guide you and your family, He always does. =)

doc said...


thanks for the assurance. do we share the same Daddy even though our beliefs are different?