Thursday, January 28, 2010

lazarus (yet again)

the guy has been dead for 4 days when Jesus called him to rise up from the cave.

in modern times, it's rare for anyone to survive without water for more than a week in tropical climate. so, it's remarkable that they managed to pull out a teenager alive after being buried for 15 days in the aftermath of the haitian earthquake (read here).

it's been said that, as a rough guide, you can't live 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water & 3 weeks without food. without oxygen, the brain cells just die off & the brain suffers irreparable damage. without food, the body initially breaks down fat & later muscles for energy.

but, without water, the wastes that the kidneys normally excrete remain in the body & very soon becomes toxic to all the vital internal organs, including brain, heart & the kidneys themselves.

hence, it's nothing short of a miracle that the girl is alive - even more amazing is that she was reported to have said "thank you" on being saved.

when was the last time someone said that when you opened the door for them at the office??

**image from Reuters**


iml said...

If I'm not wrong, she was trapped in the bathroom and survived drinking the water from the bathtub according to a report.

Anonymous said...

A miraculous survival! :)

My colleague thanked me for helping to pick up her telephone call when she was unable to pick up the call. I get thank yous like that almost everyday.

Great post.

doc said...


no wonder! i thought it defies medical rationale to survive this long without water!

doc said...

Mei Teng,

that's why children must be taught the magic words - please & thank you.

suituapui said...

God's done on earth as it is in Heaven.

I always teach my daughter to mind her p's (please) and q's (thank you)...and my students too. Very sad that the younger generation these days seem to have gold in their mouths...

doc said...


ah, so that's the origins of the p's & q's.

& yes, gold must be expensive these days!

Unicorn Girl said...

I was contemplating of going on a water diet and see if I'm able to survive without food ! Just for the gest of it ............

Yan said...

God works wonders in His way. Hop over to JoMel's blog on a comment that I made on her latest posting of how He protects yours truly!

doc said...

Unicorn Girl,

you can't be serious. skipping a meal a day is reasonable, but a water diet??

play safe - just eat with temperance.

doc said...


without God's mercy, we will be a lot worse than we are now. indeed, His grace is suffient for us.