Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hectic week

it had been a difficult week to get by.

i found out i have hypertension. had been feeling a little faint 2 weekends ago & i thought it was because of the sinus problem that started around that time. when i checked my blood pressure, the systolic pressure varied between 140 - 160 while the diastolic hovered around 90. that's definitely NOT normal under any circumstances & even after the sinus got better, the pressure remained high. that's when i decided i'd have to start treatment.

actually, i've been having borderline high pressure for sometime (135/85) & had been trying a non-drug approach to control it, eg. diet, exercise, but i suppose the job didn't help. so after asking around a few colleagues, i started myself on perindopril, an ACE inhibitor. after a week, the BP has stabilised at about 130/90. my target is 120/80 so there's still some way to go.

way before that, i had promised pastor that i would share a message last sunday. so, amidst the dizzy spells & blocked/running nose, i also needed to put together the message although i had searched & prepared the texts & illustrations some weeks ago.

but God, in His great mercy & compassion, saw me through the difficult week. He even impressed upon me the song of response which i selected. it was from psalms & it was appropriate, not only to emphasise the message, but also personally to me.

Return unto thy rest, O my soul;
for the LORD hath dealt bountifully with thee.
For thou hast delivered my soul from death,
mine eyes from tears,
and my feet from falling.
psalms 116:7,8 (KJV)


reanaclaire said...

as we grow gracefully "older" we will have to expect some small changes in our bodies.. my cholesterol level has rose to 5.83, before this year, this was unheard of.. and my pressure is at 140/80 and sometimes 120/80.. i guess we gonna exercise more?

iml said...

Better start changing your lifestyle and take care.

missyc said...

oh dear, doc listen to yourself.. once hit by high BP difficult to turn back the aging clock... my highest BP 190/90 now under control with beta blocker Norvasc.

I think weather of late part of the problem I too had nostril inflammation doc can't even find a name 2nd guessing its sinus :(

U self medicate ?

doc said...


these changes just tell us that the body is degenerating & we definitely need to make changes to slow the progress.

frequent exercise is one way, except that at my age, i do brisk walks instead of jog, & use the staircase instead of the lift.

doc said...


thanks. perhaps i need to change my current attitude towards my job!

doc said...


for the sinus problem, i consulted my ENT colleague & after that when it recurs, i just repeat the same medication.

for the BP, i asked around a few cardiologists & then decide on the medication myself.

btw, norvasc is a calcium channel blocker, not a beta blocker which of late is getting less effective when used alone for high BP.

missyc said...

oh yes sorry Norvasc is calcium channel blocker, the 1st one I took was beta blocker Carvedilol, I had leg pain.

even Norvasc at 2.5mg gives me headache, dizziness, fatigue everyday..sigh. Looks like I have to change medication soon.

did you wear 24hr BP watch type monitor to check for hypertension?

ilene said...

DOC, there's no denying age has caught up but I wonder if we were to take anti-ageing tablets, would that help to slow things down?

Between last year and this year, I've spent quite a hefty sum on maintaining my health issues, hypertension, cholesterol and last but not least spinal problem. *sigh*

doc said...


different people react differently even to the same medication. so far, i'm ok ith coversyl.

no, i didn't do the 24-hr monitoring - i didn't think i was that ill!!

doc said...


the anti-aging bandwagon is big money business but i am not convinced it helps, although i know people who swear by it. maybe they look "younger" but it sure doesn't help the body fucntion better. nothing like a healthy lifestyle, nutritious food, regular exercice & trust in God. that's just my opinion.

but yes, you need to look into the hypertension, cholesterol & spine issues before they get worse. all the best!

missyc said...

anyway, like it or not welcome to the HYPERTENSION Club :D

Bengbeng said...

my problem is the reverse doc. i checked two days ago and I got low blood pressure. 126/67 :(

doc said...


er..thanks. this is one life membership i could do without!!

doc said...


on the contrary, you have excellent BP - near perfect if i may say so. nothing for you to worry about.

Bengbeng said...

oh? Mrs BB was bugging me to get a medical check up bcos of the low bp. Yr diagnosis is a relief.thanks

doc said...


if you have no symptoms like dizzy spells or persisitent fatigue, you should be ok, but at any time you don't feel well, you should still see a doc.

LX said...

How old are you, doc?

doc said...


51 years young??

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about that.

Isaish 30 v 15

"In repentance and rest is your

salvation, in quietness and

trust is your strength..."

Just me

doc said...

Just me,

thanks. the verses were most appropriate.

wenn said...

i'm glad there's a doc here who's sharing with us..thx!

doc said...


you are all very much welcomed!!