Sunday, December 05, 2010


now, that's one name you'll almost never hear about in NZ. it's a little sea-side town on the north-east of the north island. it's a starting point for those planning for the 90-mile beach.

the view is great, the apartment is marvellous.

tomorrow we go on a drive to the 90-mile beach. at the end of this is cape reinga, where the waters of the tasman sea & pacific ocean meet.

should be fun.

PS wish you all were here!!


ilene said...

Thou shalt not be led into temptation! haha.... Holiday also blogging! *slap forehead* Sounds like you're having fun!

Yvonne Foong said...

So jahat. "Wish you all were here!". To make your readers jealous and despise you? :(

Hello Kitty said...

I watch Grey's Anatomy every now & then and wondered how come the doctors' and residents' lives revolve around Seattle Grace only! Glad to see a doctor going away on holidays with his family.

I plan to take my mum to NZ for holidays next year. Will be checking your blog every now & again to read your experience!

Unicorn Girl said...

oolala ! OK - that's next on my list of countries to travel soon. Another thing - is NZ really the cleanest country in the world ???

LX said...

The last time I went NZ, I couldn't afford to go around.. so I just got stuck in Wellington.. windy Wellington! I visited the library there.. borrewed tons of books.. and visited free museums and caught LOTR red carpet premier. No nice beaches. Maybe got lah.. but not as nice as what you described.

Mei Teng said...

I have been to NZ but never heard of this place before.

doc said...


i posted because there was a PC in the lobby & the owner was most friendly & obliging.

doc said...


the north island is a beautiful place & it is my sincere wish that you all will get a chance to visit.

jahat? nah....
*gives angelic smile*

doc said...


grey's anatomy is make believe - in real life, there are ugly doctors & nurses.

book air tickets early to get best prices. did you try air asia offer to christchurch?

will be posting on some travel tips to NZ soon.

doc said...


it is clean. & the air is fresh except in rotorua where it has a strong sulphur odour.

doc said...


you missed out on a really beautiful country being stuck in wellington.

the original LOTR hobbit homes, party field & tree are a tourist attraction in matamata.

doc said...

Mei Teng,

unless you do a proper tour of north island, you will miss out on paihia. most people just spend the 1st few days in auckland/roturua & continue to the south after that.

missyc said...

friends have been pestering me to visit NZ & yes its on my bucket list as well :D

I'm sure you had loads of fun & happy family time.

missyc said...

friends have been pestering me to visit NZ & yes its on my bucket list as well :D

I'm sure you had loads of fun & happy family time.

doc said...


thks, i did.

if you can bear the 10-hr flight & jet-lag, esp on return trip, go ahead - you will not regret!