Tuesday, March 22, 2011

cheating time

for moment, i thought we were in different time zones.

when the patient was pushed out of OT, it was 4pm. i then went off to do some errands & when i checked on the patient again in the recovery bay later, i noted the nurse had timed the arrival at 4.15pm.


i asked her, how come it took 15 mins to move the patient a distance of only 10m. that's TEN METRES between the OT & recovery bay.

we looked at each other for a few tensed seconds before she broke silence : the clocks in the OT & recovery bay were set at different times. i checked & they were the same time.

after a few more uneasy seconds, she finally confessed, that the senior nurse had told to her to add 15mins. i've always known that something fishy invariably happens at 4pm. that's the starting time for claiming overtime. it happens all the time under our noses.

except that this time, i caught the sacrificial lamb culprit red-handed.

but don't we all cheat time ourselves? we cut queues to save time, we cut lanes & drive on the hard shoulder to reach our destinations earlier. we fix our appointments, then arrive late & make everyone else wait. how about we scratch out a later time when we put up our parking coupons?

in my mind now, the philosophical words of one of my ex-classmates* in secondary school ring true :

we are humans. we are basically dishonest!

*while i was still reading hardy boys & nancy drew, he was already on to john steinbeck.


Unknown said...

I agree..........

missyc said...

now you make yourself unpopular with the nurses ...hehe

long time ago I work in a bank, in charge of dept staff attendance register, I "told" my boss he was blindly signing OT for staffs ie those going for 15min breaks & claim full hour, one even went to gym but claim OT, when boss* got called up by higher authorities for explanation, instead of thanks, I became the sacrificial lamb & I don't even do OT! geez.. that boss* is my sworn enemy till 2day. Sometimes better close one eye

lupie said...

I thought Dr. House say patient lies ...... apparently, nurses too ... :(

P:S: Benlysta is infusion / IV type.
Any suggestion on how to take the doctor hostage with one hand?

Unicorn Girl said...

Aik ??? I thot this happens everywhere........and yes - including the hospitals & clinics too.......

wenn said...

well, cheating to earnings..

doc said...


which part - the nurses or us people?

doc said...


actually, i didn't report her or the team. the HOD isn't strong enough to put a stop to this & everyone else is getting more brazen by the day!

when the head can't control the subordinates, you can expect a situation not unlike an anarchy.

doc said...


ah, i didn't say you should use force. start with a sweet smile & exude your feminine charm to hold him hostage (this was what i was referring to!)

the thing about free samples, be they in the form of tablet, cream, nebuliser or infusion, is that they can still be dispensed without charge, based on the physician's discretion.

see, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

doc said...


oh yes, i should think everywhere.

doc said...


well, different people cheat for different reasons, but all for personal gain.

TZ said...

I hate people cut queue... I will give those people a tough time by challenging them... especially those people have more than 10 items yet queuing up @ 10 items and below lane...

Do you think this is taking advantage or cheating?

Medie007 said...

but is the patient alright?

doc said...


directly cutting queues maybe just be taking advantage but if there is an element of deception, like how Mr Bean cuts queue at the emergency department in hospital, then that's cheating.

maybe you should just let them be. you just don't know who you're dealing with. they may just be housewives, but you don't know how their husbands would take your challenge. remember road bullies?

doc said...


yeah, the patient is fine. only his health insurance company has to pay the nurses' overtime.

anastasia said...

The perfect human is Jesus Christ.
We are dishonest because we are not human enough.

doc said...


the 1st statement is correct.

the 2nd should have been:

we're dishonest because are only human, or

we're dishonest because we do not live God-centred lives.

Michelle Mak said...

will the company insurance company query or not?

doc said...


the amount is too small (compared to the whole bill) for them to query.