Sunday, August 07, 2011

oh no! another turnaround?

we are really going nowhere!

after all the flip-flops, are we re-visiting the issue of the teaching of english again? DPM & minister for education just directed the DG to re-evaluate this issue, after discovering that students up to the level of tertiary education are not able to communicate comfortably in english.

no one's actually surprise - the rot started from 1970 & except for a brief reprieve from 2003 till 2009, english has been on a slippery slope.

or, could this be an election ploy? either way, a generation & a half of students have suffered the ignominy of inability to read, write & speak the international language of science & commerce.

nothing short of a strong political will can reverse this.


Bengbeng said...

next yr form 4 students study science subjects in bm. form 6 they will continue in english. this same batch studied science n maths in english from form 1 to 3. doesnt the govt care abt the students at all?

Unicorn Girl said...

Either way - the M'sian English is already down the dumps since years ago . Our government should consider going back to the years where our parents were taught the Cambridge paper - or something like that I think .......

wenn said...

those students should just be allowed to continue Sc n Maths in Eng.

doc said...


votes more important.

doc said...


you mean the Senior Cambridge exam, where the language of instruction was English?

i'm afraid that's not going to happen, even with a change of govt.

doc said...


that's been debated already but, unfortunately, it's not going to happen.

SOO [¥] said...

oh forget abt the email, i just saw ur email address in ur profile page.

invitation coming up :)