Saturday, August 04, 2012


i'm as patriotic as the next guy & i do so want lee chong wei to win malaysia's 1st ever gold medal at the olympics but......

there's just too many unnecessary distractions to that cause, the biggest being the immense financial rewards promised for the feat. this includes the prize money, pension for life, a block of solid gold (valued at rm2.5m) & probably a host of others offered by his sponsors.

now, the PM's wife is making a special trip to london just to lend support for the realisation of the malaysian dream.

i have no doubt chong wei is one of malaysia's true sportmen whose professionalism & commitment to the game is beyond doubt, but he is human & all these pressure will play on his mind.

i have reservations but i hope he proves me wrong.

i hope he plays for the gold medal, not the bullion.

in any case, he's a national hero already, being the only sportsman to win medals in consecutive olympics.

go, chong wei!!

(our doubles pair has consistently disappointed us, this time by faltering in the semi-finals)


Reanaclaire said...

Well...Malaysia is well known for the Big B? :) Our doubles now can aim for the bronze though it looks impossible too... the other pairs are so "unbeatable!"... now all eyes will be on LCW... yes, the pressure is just too heavy on him.. I wouldnt want to be "him" at this time..

wenn said...

hope he gets it!

Robinn T said...

its always games behind the curtains when you are a big shot. oh well.

iml said...

This gold medal has been eluding him for far too long. Let's hope the wait ends tonight.

stay-at-home mum said...

it was just not meant to be. He fought a good fight. He lost with his head held high. Just not his day :(

Yvonne Foong said...

It can be dehumanizing for a person to be promised great wealth in exchange for his victory, just to push him to work hard. I know I have been there and I didn't like it.