Thursday, September 13, 2012

is crime rate really down?

the IGP said it is. the Home Minister agreed.

my taman has been extremely peaceful, ie. no reported break-ins since the 1st residents moved in 12 years ago. but yesterday, 3 happened within a day.

at about 3pm, no one was in when persons unknown broke into a businessman's home, just across the street from where i live.

at midnite, thieves ransacked the home of another businessman behind the street from where i live.

at 6.30am this morning, 6 masked men jumped across the wall into my neighbour's home just 2 doors away. apparently, they had been waiting for the husband to send the kids to school before making their move. they warned the wife they only wanted money & jewelry, otherwise they'll hurt her.

the policeman said this is the 1st time they've been to the same taman 3 three times within 24 hours. as expected, he gave that sheepish look when asked if he thought crime rate was down.

what i learned from these unfortunate events, besides being a lot more careful & aware of the surrounding, is to keep some cash at home to appease any potential intruders. loss of cash trumps personal injury or loss of lives anytime!

i can count the number of gated/guarded communities in this town in 1 hand but that could change soon. i heard vendors of home alarms & CCTVs are doing a roaring business.

keep safe!


The thumb in every pie said...

Is the crime rate coming down bcoz:
a) more people ain't arsed to make police reports bcoz they believe that it'll be a waste of time? or,

b) some higher-ups insist that it's just "perception"? or,

c) the good folks at PEMANDU said so?


doc said...


despite what the authorities claimed, we all know the truth. home alarms, CCTVs & gated communities don't lie.