Monday, September 10, 2012

national service

my daughter was called up for the 3rd batch of national service this year. the letter arrived 3 weeks ago. naturally, she would not be able to attend but i'll have to apply for exemption. or rather, in this case, postponement.

but, if she could go, would i have gladly let her?

not really. going by horror stories of how young healthy youths perished from known & unknown causes during camp, compounded by the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities, unconvincingly assuring that things are under control, i would think many concerned parents would object, if they had a choice.

furthermore, i doubt if the main objective of fostering closer relationship amongst youths of the different communities would be achieved. yeah, a few will become friends but by & large, they will remain segregated because they have been so since primary school. after 11 years in school where each student is made aware of the differences amongst the communities & yet not encouraged to reconcile, how will 3 months in a survival-like course make them bosom buddies?

& after the enforced camaraderie & apparent comradeship is over & everyone goes home, life goes on as before.

same old, same old.


stay-at-home mum said...

when selected, can anyone opt out completely?

Small Kucing said...

ya same old same old.

Most parents nightmare is the sudden unexplainable death of their child. needless death.

which some can opt out all together

doc said...


they can if they have mental illness, a physical disability, an infectious disease, serving prison sentence, or are women who have children.

doc said...


that's the greatest fear for parents.

The thumb in every pie said...

I know of friends who send their kids overseas at a young age just so that they would - hopefully - not be called up for NS.

Fortunately, the NS was in it's first year when my girl was 17. She was not called up and neither were any of her friends... no sure if this was bcoz all were in private school since kindy.

doc said...


i think your friends were going to send their kids overseas anyway regardless of NS. after all, you just need to show documentation that the kids are in full-time education immediately after SPM to claim exemption.

stay-at-home mum said...

So does your daughter qualify for exemption? Since she is "overseas"? (That little strait of Johor does count as a "sea" right?)

doc said...


it doesn't have to be overseas, as long as it can be certified that the student is already in full-time study at a recognised institution.