Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the horse has bolted la!

just saw the late news. the PM, while officiating the ground-breaking ceremony of  MAHSA university's new campus, said fewer schools offering high quality medical education would be a far better strategy than having too many offering sub-standard education.

is he admitting that the mushrooming of private medical schools in the country, the licence of which were issued by his govt, thus far had been a bad strategy? too many sub-standard schools producing too many sub-standard doctors, who show neither dedication nor conviction in their line of duty?

too little, too late, don't you think?

now here's a scary thought  - make an appointment with a doctor from hell...... at a hospital near you!


Small Kucing said...

hope not...

doc said...

Small Kucing,

nah, relax...it's just a scary thought!

The thumb in every pie said...

Perhaps the earlier mantra was : Now, everyone can be a doctor. LOL

Very scary thought. Seriously. But the genie's out of the bottle. I can't wait to see what kneejerk policy would be implemented next to cater for fresh med grads.

doc said...


last i heard, in a few years, there would not be enough hospitals to cater for all fresh med grads, currently estimated to be 4000 a year, so those from local public universities & govt sponsored students will get preference,leaving the rest whose parents pawned their gold to pay for their med education in the lurch.

so, don't be surprised if your astro installer or insurance agent has a MBBS.

now, THAT's another scary thought!!

Anonymous said...

I think that with the right Foreign Medical Schools, and the right students there will still be a great future as a doctor. I am attending UMHS next year and I feel confident in my future.

doc said...


thanks for your comment & congrats on your enrolment to UMHS!

may you remain true to your calling to serve & heal!

PS. St Kitts looks like a great vacation destination as well!!