Saturday, May 18, 2013

what God gives, He takes.

the boy celebrated his 11th birthday on friday (actual date today). i know for sure he likes nothing better than to have his clique to share with. this group grew up together in the same neighbourhood, attends the same church & goes to the same school. presumably they'll be BFFs in due time.

coincidentally, the obstetricians listed 4 patients for C-section today. my thoughts went to the boy because these babies will share the same birthday with him. although all four were successfully delivered, one inexplicably suffered a respiratory problem soon after birth & eventually succumbed. imagine - one moment the kid was crying the lungs out & then suddenly, the breathing stopped. one moment, there was life & the next, there was none.

it did put a damper on my day but some things are just beyond human comprehension.

to the 3 lovely babies borned today, I wish you well & pray you'd grow up to be useful citizens & make your parents proud.

to the 4th, may your soul rest in peace for you are in a better place now. amen.


reana claire said...

Happy Birthday to your Boy! God bless him!
Sad to hear that the baby succumbed to respiratory problem... it is indeed sad..

Unicorn Girl said...

Heppi Bornday to the three new life and to the other little one , I'm sure you are having a gala time with HIM who made you. AMEN !

Yan said...

Blessed birthday to your boy.

My mum has the same birthday. I wonder if they celebrate birthdays in heaven. If so, the fourth one will celebrate his with my mum.

doc said...



doc said...


yes, i rejoice in Him who created me. you, too?

can't access your website/blog.

doc said...



we only know there are no marriages in heaven (matt 22:300. any celebration will be only for the Lord.

Anonymous said...

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Andrea Boult said...

Happy belated birthday to the boy. I know this is VERY VERY late. But I know I do have a good excuse for it..just that I have not thought of one yet. LOL

Hope he is enjoying the last week of the holidays. Being in a Chinese medium school, I bet he has tons of holiday homework to keep him occupied.

doc said...



homework? what homework? he's finished all that at the beginning of the holidays & truly on vacation after that.