Saturday, December 07, 2013

am i the prodigal son?

years ago, i made up my mind to return to my roots & serve in a mission hospital. i did apply to join but while waiting for a vacancy, i went over to s'pore. months later, due to some miscommunication, the mission hospital hired someone else.

that's when i came back & found another vacancy at another hospital in another state.

and i've been here since.

a few months back, i met up with a pastor who said he has served at the mission hospital & know the management team well. and if i had any intention to return, he could help me. i sort of brushed it off disregarded it.

then last week, another former pastor and currently educator told me via FB that he has been sent to join the senior management team of that hospital. when i related how i almost got to work there 15 years ago, he asked if i was still interested to return to the fold because he wielded considerable influence there.

ha ha, is someone up there messing with prompting me?? sending these two people to bid me to return to my roots?

i think, just to be on the safe side, i'll just wait for a 3rd messenger ....that would really convince me to uproot & move.

until then, i'll just remain content in my kampong life.


The thumb in every pie said...

If i remember this parable correctly, it was the prodigal son that got feted with the fattened calf n the best wines in the cellar :)

Anonymous said...

Staying tuned to see how He is leading you, be ready to hear His soft whisper.

from just me

doc said...


yes, & that's after he blew his share of his inheritance on song, women & wine.

doc said...

Just Me,

if & when the door opens, i'll be ready.