Tuesday, March 04, 2014


not many people like to be upstaged by others.

but i have to admit that my little girl (well, not so little now but still.....) has outperformed me at every level of school education.

when she did well in the UPSR & PMR exams, i brushed it off as a different level of standard over the decades between our exams. when she did it again at O-levels, i thought it was a flash in the pan.

and yes, i'm a hard man to please.

but now that she has outscored & out-aced me at A-levels, it's certainly time to pass the torch to the next generation & i'm proud she's up to the challenge.

she 1st flew the nest here and then here.


mun said...

You are right, people don't like to be upstaged by others but I thought parents always want their children to be smarter than them?

Andrea Boult said...

I bet she's so thrilled. :)

doc said...


yes, parents should be proud when their kids step out of their (parents') shadow & fend for themselves.

she still has 2 more hurdles to overcome - undergrad & post grad.

doc said...