Monday, August 04, 2014

diving into shallow waters

just be careful when diving. or driving.

ok, just be careful in everything that you do.

this is the horrendous injury sustained when someone tried to dive into shallow waters.

this MRI scan shows a badly-fractured neck with extensive damage to the spinal cord. he can barely lift up his arms & cannot move or feel his legs at all. he required surgery to stabilise the neck (to prevent further damage) & the chances of recovery are slim.
what started out as a fun day at the beach has turned into a nightmare for this chap. let's learn from this & prioritise safety above all else.


Small Kucing said... we grow older lagi bahaya

doc said...


how true!

we get at least two 80-yr-olds a week coming in for surgery for fractured bones.

mun said...

I guess he did not know that the water is shallow when he went in.

doc said...


probably not. :(

Andrea Boult said...

Ouuuchh! whatever was he thinking???