Monday, April 13, 2015

the worst

that's the superlative my colleague proclaimed a few days ago.

he was berating the way the nurses ill-prepared for his surgical case. i had to agree with him. it was messy & it slowed down the whole OT list.

i do miss those days when the nurses were more dedicated, competent, conscientious & thorough in their work.

when things run like clockwork with minimal self-inflicted disruptions.

when there was just one or two private nursing schools.

just in case you didn't notice, private healthcare isn't what it used to be. ringgit & sen, now more than ever, precedes service.

i am sure you have your own horror stories or even personal experiences to tell.


wenn said...

oh..I will never head to public hospital anymore. I still prefer the private hospital.

ilene ong said...

There's a private college near my place of work where they offer nursing course. There was an occasion when I happened to be near a group of these students and over hearing their conversation, I dread to think if they could comprehend the medical terms in English!

doc said...


even in private hospitals, there are black sheep.

doc said...


the honourable minister did proclaim that our education system is as good as the UK & US.

WTT said...

The Chinese have a saying, "if you have no money, don't fall ill". Private healthcare is now ever more costler than before but when one is ill, a kinder voice or a friendlier healthcare personnel does ease the physical discomfort a little. Having said that, I have recently experienced nurses who are brusque in a private hospital, so.... "sigh*

doc said...


they don't train nurses like they used to anymore!!