Monday, July 13, 2015

locksmith on-call

my neighbour was caught out without keys to his front gate  at 11pm the other nite. he came over to ask if i have a saw which he planned to saw thru the padlock.

i don't have one & suggested he tried calling a locksmith who was willing to make house calls. the 3rd one that we contacted agreed to come & said upfront he was charging RM90.

he came over on his motorbike after 30mins & proceeded to tinker & pick the lock, eventually drilling & scraping at the key slot. i joke with my neighbour, an ENT specialist, that what the locksmith was doing is not too different from what he did at surgery - drilling & scraping.

the lock was picked after about 20mins, to my neighbour's relief. i don't think he relished the idea of spending the nite at my place.

& he whispered that he would have gladly paid even up to 2-3 times had the locksmith demanded that.


Small Kucing said...

Oh didn't know lock smith also got on call

Fadhil said...

Hi Doc, been a while since I dropped by.

Same thing happened to my wife a few years ago. She went out to send our youngest son to school using the rear door and forgot that the house keys are still inside. The locksmith who came and unlocked the door charged her RM50 for 10 minutes work. She complained to me that the price was expensive. I said, you are not paying for the short time, but his expertise.

doc said...

Small Kucing,

neither did I, till that nite.

doc said...

Salam Oldstock,

Your wife wouldn't have complained if she had to break the lock (and possibly damage the door) to get in.

TZ said...

Oops~ what if he saw half way and the police car came...
what would be the result?