Friday, October 23, 2015

going soft

 i must be going soft.

i've been watching reruns of grey's anatomy & and ally mcbeal & there were 2 episodes that got me all mushy.

grey's anatomy : the one where denny suddenly died shortly after he got his heart transplant. lizzie, the intern who fell for him like a ton of bricks, cried buckets. a cautionary tale for health workers not to get too emotionally involved with the patients under their care but denny was such a charmer, even i can understand why lizzie was besotted.  :P

ally mcbeal : billy has been acting strange, what with his blonde hair & entourage of robert palmer type leather-suited girls. as it turned out, he has an inoperable brain tumour. Married to another fellow lawyer, he did confess to his old flame Ally that he still loved her all of his days & with all of his heart. He then collapsed suddenly in court & died. And Ally too cried buckets.

*this post was drafted in 2015 but time has not lessened the impact of death on me*

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