Friday, March 02, 2018

Chap Goh Meh

Finally, it's the last day of the lunar new year celebration.

This year, we made the daring decision to celebrate with the in-laws in Penang, anticipating traffic in grid-lock on the NSE. To our pleasant surprise, we think we have crack the code to avoid the perennial traffic jam.

Travel up 2 days before CNY & return on the 2nd day. traffic was generally smooth & Rest Stops weren't packed like sardines.

We were also pleasantly surprised the food stalls started operating on the 2nd day itself but that came with a premium of RM1 over the regular price (RM5).

Looks like everyone's out to make a quick buck at every possible opportunity. Talk about veg, fish (esp white pomfret) and prawns before CNY.

But I say, live & let live lah - hard times are coming & everyone's going to be affected.


mun said...

So that is the secret to beat the traffic jam during CNY! must compensate the people for not resting during cny so paying a little extra for the convenience to eat out during cny is quite fair in my opinion. I mean people who can afford it are willing to pay so much extra to own foreign cars here so what is a little extra price to pay for food during cny.

Anonymous said...

I will be a true lightweight, I do not handle liquor well.

doc said...


every dog has its day. for hawkers, it's the festival holidays.

I say, live & let live.

doc said...


the cause is the lack of an enzyme in the liver but that's a topic for another day.

Andrea said...

Hah! that explained why you had to catch the match on BBC Sport. LOL. Thought you were in some fancy ulu resort.

Anonymous said...

Find something more straightforward to do in your life.

doc said...


was staying at the BIL'S home that has no sport channel.


doc said...

Anonymous March 15,

all the time, except when life throws you a curve ball.