Wednesday, April 07, 2021

back to blogging again. maybe.

My case in OT is scheduled for
9am. I am in OT by 8.50 and by 9.05 my part is complete and ready to go.

The nurses start trickling in at 9am and prepare their instruments, and when I have done my part, they are still fiddling around. More like messing around because the microscope cover doesn't fit and the drill parts don't align. And these are nurses supposedly trained to assist in this type  of surgery.

Another nurse is called in and she's the real trouble-shooter. Changed the microscope cover and fixed the drill bits and we're good to go. 

I didnt measure my blood pressure but i did forewarn the OT sister that if I drop dead today, her OT nurses are to be blamed.

I need to rant and vent. 

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