Sunday, January 14, 2007

1st blog for the year

there are 3 new experiences in my life today....

blogwise, i got tagged for the 1st time, by just me.
so, here are 5 things you don't know (& probably don't want to) about me :

1) i'm not a natural writer/blogger. i can't blog intuitively or spontaneously, will mull over days/weeks to think of something to write & will labour 3-4 days to complete it. goes without saying that i don't enjoy writing essays in exams.

2) i would like to bungee-jump but haven't because i'm scared & shouldn't because it's in my PA policy's exclusion clause. i try to put on a brave face when i tell people that my family needs me too much!

3) my life runs in circles. when i was young, i wanted to be a doctor, then an accountant, teacher, bus conductor, professional footballer, mechanic & engineer. now that i'm a medic, i wonder if i could have been as good as david beckham - make USD50m a year & have a pop-star wife.

4) my favourite music piece is pachebel's canon in D maj. i have burned into a CD no less than 14 variations, including the electric guitar & trumpet versions. my favourite is still the piano & i made sure my daughter could play it from memory.

5) the 1st novel i ever read was jeffrey archer's kane & abel, prompted by the made-for-tv miniseries starring peter strauss & sam neill. the disgraced ex-MP (& ex-convict) has remained my favourite author.

internetwise, i finally got connected to streamyx, yay! data transfer may be fast but it took a whole 2 wks from application to getting the DSL signals - ok, there was the new year weekend, but TWO WEEKS?? oh, this non-IT-savvy nerd also learned a few new terms as well, like router, wireless modem, SSID & encryption key.

& finally, churchwise, my daughter will be singing for the 1st time as back-up for worship today. i'd like to think that i led by example, although i've now moved on to teaching sunday school. may she sing from the heart, & not just from the song sheets.

& paul reminds us :

"fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training & instruction of the Lord."
eph 6:4


just me said...

A lot of "firsts" in your post...but I could only achieve a "first" to comment..maybe..

Wishing daughter a closer walk with God as she serves Him.

HappySurfer said...

Hi Doc, happy new year. Bungee-jumping, not my cup of tea either. I remember watching Kane and Abel sometime back and really enjoyed that. Congrats on getting Streamyx. I foresee you'd be blogging more often? No matter, to me blogging is just a pasttime so it's best and enjoyable doing it at one's own pace.

doc said...

just me,

yes, a 1st for you this time.

daughter sang well this morning at church & i look forward to her future participation.

thks you for your kind wish.

doc said...


blessed new year to you.

unfortunately, my frequency for blogging is not related to the speed of the internet connection, but rather the ideas that emerge in my brain, for which there are many blocks.

Unknown said...

Doc, i just got my Streamyx connection last week too.... and they took 12 days to get it connected from the time i received the letter that it was on.

Before i got married i would have bungee-jumped.. now, highly unlikely. (Never say never, haha)

doc said...


i think this delay in getting the streamyx connection is setting the precedent for more problems to come. this, as you might have guessed, is the result of having a monopoly in an essential service.

let me know when your problem starts.

JOEPSC said...

Hi, Doc,

I share your problem of inability to blog spontaneously. The brain seems to be lazy or barren, perhaps due to a lack of motivation, inspiration, or ageing, and when an idea comes along, it is quickly forgottten like a dream.

Sometimes I think about the exasperation of those writers in the good old they wrote their draft when there was no computer keyboard/software and typewriter? Or was it pure memory work?

doc said...


i do admire those who can post good blogs almost daily. like everything else, it takes diligence, passion & time to do a task well.

i guess that's how moses et al wrote the scriptures - mostly inspired & partly by memory & past records. there must a lot of crumpled papyrus sheets those days!!

Anonymous said...


How do you get that no less than 14 variations of pachebel's anon in D maj? That's my favourite too. But, never imagaine having 14 variations!

Got myself an ipod with 80GB. And into my world of music! I do pamper myself with IT. My husband always gets me to see a doctor by 'threatening' me with this statement - if you die, somebody else will be using your computer, your notebook, your palm treo, your ipod, your handphone...


doc said...


i got the songs from the net - actually i d/loaded every version available, then delete the ones with poor quality. you'll be surprised at how many versions there are - double piano, full orchestra, caribbean metaldrums, violin (incl vanessa mae's), flute, etc.

i have a 2G iPod, which i gave to my daughter for doing well in the recent exams. my friend sold me a 30G iPod video last year, but i sold it off bcos i didn't enjoy watching movies on a small screen.

why did you decide on the palm treo?

Anonymous said...

Palm Treo? Because of the Calendar/Organizer and the Versa Mail.

I could work wonders on the Calendar. I have used Palm from Palm V to Palm Treo. Sort of faithful user.

I have also been using Nokia from day 1 of owning a handphone.

Probably, being dyslexic, there are some limitations in the organizing of works - Palm helps.

Nokia? Probably, used to the functions of SMS. Also due to being dyslexic.

I am a simple woman - adding some colours to my life with some gadgets.

The ipod! My companion for travelling.I don't watch movies, but music is my love. And you know it's almost 500RM cheaper in Sing-Land!

doc said...


thks for your reply.

i have been thinking of getting a PDA for years, but just haven't made the move to actually get one.