Tuesday, January 30, 2007

where your treasure is

i read with sadness about the woman who mourned over, amongst other things damaged by the recent floods, a table (today's Star ), & with good reasons, too.

it was on this table that her 7 children did their homework, where provisions were kept & most importantly, where the family had their meals. isn't it intriguing that of all her possessions, this humble table meant the most to her?

different people treasure different things - family heirlooms, antique furniture, classic cars, mp3 players & even pet cats have all, at one time or other, been objects of adoration. for my daughter, it's her "security blanket". she's had it all her life, literally. she was swathed in it the day she came home from hospital & while other blankets have come & gone, tattered & discarded, this one has stood the test of time, again literally.

blankie when awake...(a few days old)

.....when asleep.... (1 yr old)

& good old faithful 12 years on.

i have a few prized possessions myself. the monopoly game mum bought me when i was in primary 6 has remained with me till now, although it has seen better days since my son started playing (& messing) with it.

the original red & blue dice are missing & the play-money looked like they should be returned to the bank of england. still, it's playable.

i still use this 20-year-old shirt to work, although it's a little (just a little!) tight at the arm-pits.

my then girlfriend (now wife) bought it as a birthday gift when she was working in s'pore. it was obviously manufactured using good material & under stringent quality control.

the pedigree is obvious......

.....& prominently displayed.

it is sort of a "lucky" shirt for me because i had worn it for all my post-grad exams.

because many things mean a lot to us, we are sometimes overly pre-occupied with them, like the new car, the breast implants, the well-paying job, etc. to the point that it may become an obssession. i have been accused (& rightly so!) of hurrying home from saturday shopping just to catch the live EPL match. after all, it is true that :

"for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
luke 12:34in the event that some are amassing, & yet burdened by the load of untold possessions & wealth, we have also been wisely counselled :

"but store up for yourselves treasure in heaven, where moth & rust do not destroy, & where thieves do not break in & steal." matt 6:20
may we all embark on the right path to eternal happiness.



just me said...

A good reminder, doc

Asking myself what my treasure is....cannot think of anything and unlike you, no attire of 20 years ago still fits?

Maybe my kids are my treasure and realise I need to release them more to God each day

doc said...

just me,

children are a gift from the Lord, & blessed is the man who has a quiver full of them.

i must say i'm surprised myself that i can still fit into that shirt. guess i didn't put on too much weight since.

Anonymous said...

Often, we hold on to the material things of life and mourn over them when we lose them. New car, money, jewellery. We sometimes lose perspective of things and fail to realise the importance of family, love, and God.

doc said...


how true! hence, the reason for this post. we came with nothing, we will leave with nothing. it has been pre-destined.