Sunday, May 11, 2008

pure love

a plant was given to each mother in church today to commemorate Mothers' Day.

the boy was given this carnation to be presented to the wife.

i heard the DJ repeat over the radio the last few days that God couldn't be everywhere & that's why He created mothers. *cute*

in my opinion, the greatest tribute paid to mothers is proclaimed by Mitch Albom in his book For One More Day:

"And I realised when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know."

blessed mother's day!!


HappySurfer said...

There is no love comparable to a mother's love. Hers is unconditional love. Hi, Doc.

just me said...

Mothers here were given a stalk of rose and chocs!

A mother's love is unconditional love...somewhat like God's!

doc said...

hi happysurfer,

all too true, which makes me think that to be a mother is the most noble profession there ever will be.

doc said...

just me,

whatever the gift, it's the thought behind them that counts, & is only a small token of the true sacrifice mothers the world over go through.

Anonymous said...

For One More Day is an extremely good book. It teaches you how to respect and love your mother more than anything in the world. One of my favorites.


doc said...


mitch's other books Tuesdays with Morrie & 5 People You Meet in Heaven are worth a read, too.

Anonymous said...

My mother got a hug and a kiss for Mothers' Day. and the knowledge that I did think of buying her flowers. It is the thought that counts right? ;) (I refuse to pay SGD88 for 8 stalks of freshly dead plant corpses)
But above all, she got my love back.

doc said...


i bet she didn't complain.