Friday, May 16, 2008

teachers' day

i wouldn't have realised that it was teachers' day had the boy not got excited over wrapping presents for his teachers. it's helpful that he learns to appreciate the people who will probably be the 2nd major influence in his life, after the parents. i can anticipate, at some time in the not-too-distant future, when he'll correct one or both of us by insisting that his teachers said this-and-that instead.
& the teachers may be right.

or wrong.

but for us, even more important is for him to appreciate the one Teacher who'll never lead him astray.

God is exalted in his power.

Who is a teacher like him?

Who has prescribed his ways for him,

or said to him, 'You have done wrong'?

job 36 : 22,23

happy teachers' day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Teachers' Day. =)

Btw, nice clock.

doc said...


shouldn't there be a Students' Day as well - to even things up??

Yan said...

Yes, He will lead him to be a Man of God!

doc said...