Tuesday, June 15, 2010

end of the road?

it's confirmed.

mdm S (read here) has a recurrence of kidney cancer, aka renal cell carcinoma, in her right lung. last week, an attempt to remove the tumour completely was unsuccessful because part of it was adherent to a major blood vessel (superior vena cavae).

the most likely option left now, if she consents, is chemotherapy which itself is also fraught with side-effects, & some, other patients say, are worse than the disease itself!! whatever her decision, time is not on her side.

as i looked at mdm S's journey in retrospect, i couldn't help wondering if, at ANYTIME,  there was ANYTHING ANYONE of us could have done to have given her a better chance at survival.

doctors have been accused, rightly or wrongly, at playing God. seriously, having been in these shoes, heavy is the burden of responsibility on the shoulders of many who have to make difficult decisions, esp when these decisions profoundly affect the lives of others.


reanaclaire said...

hi doc..my own bro is undergoing his 15th chemo on his tymus cancer for the past 3/4 of the year... after this, he have to go for radiotherapy for 5 weeks... his case is quite rare, so far, he is coping with the treatment quite well, only feeling lethargic after the chemo during the 1st few days, otherwise he is alright..
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eugene said...

Doc, i guess it all boils down to sincerity, rightly or wrongly, sincerity will show the truth...... sincerity will overcome even the right decision that one made that is bad in other's opinion..

Jesuse was hated, despised by man, but then again, he triumphs through time for we know HE is forever sincere...........

doc said...


indeed, thymus cancer is rare & your brother has the equally rare experience of coping well with the chemo. hope he goes into full & permanent remission.

will email you soon.

doc said...


thanks for the take on sincerity.

missyc said...

I believe you have what it takes in your chosen profession.. passion.compassion.empathy.

With cancer or any other serious illness, I think it depends on the individual patient willpower to fight, the rest like care provider (with better quality of life) & caregiver (personal, emotional needs).

I'm experiencing this roller coaster journey with ailing aunt & her husband feels aunt is not trying hard enough. What can we say

renaclaire, wish your brother good recovery, the word thymus strikes fear for me

Ms Kitty said...

Hi doc, am glad I stumbled upon your blog few days ago. Thanks for all your sharing. My experience with doctors so far tells me they are just cold and unfriendly, but I have just found a caring, humane doctor here! May I know where your clinic is? I also marvel at the fact that God is so much a part of your life and work. Gives me motivation to do the same!

doc said...


i agree - without self-motivation & determination, the fight against cancer, difficult as it already is, will be a losing battle.

your aunt's family need to continue to encourage & support her.

doc said...

Ms Kitty,

glad to have you on board. i took up medicine because i felt it was God's calling, so He's part of my blog as well as life & profession.

you can let God lead your life too & cultivate the caring & humane attitude you openly admire.

God bless!

Unicorn Girl said...

Dear Doc , isn't God using the hands of doctors and nurses in reaching out to the terminally ill? Cure happens both in miracle and medical science.

Unicorn Girl said...

Hey Doc , another thing , in your profile occupation , it states
" Friend of Lazarus " - that's a good one . What biblical title you think suits a banker - well - it's yours truly...heeheehee.

doc said...


it's more like, are we willing to be used by God to reach out to others? it doesn't have to be just doctors & nurses; all we need is to be a good samaritan with a kind & compassionate heart.

off-hand, i can only think of one but you must be a bit thick-skinned to adopt it. how about "colleague of judas" because he was treasurer? John13:29


Unicorn Girl said...

Heh ! heh ! heh ! good one but I thought you would say fren of Matthew the tax collector - lol ! seldom think about Judas though.

doc said...


whichever, you will always be unicorn girl to me!