Saturday, June 19, 2010

in her father's footsteps??

the girl has been home for 2 weeks for the term break. i have to admit i had been a bit busy at work during this time, so except for the occasional dining out, walks at the park & the one movie, i hadn't spent much time with her.

but today i finally had a couple of hours alone with her.

over an ice-blended at coffee bean.

that's when she dropped the bombshell - she may want to take up medicine.

i was surprised because she's never expressed such intention before (unlike the boy who enjoys following me to hospital when i do my clinical rounds on weekends).

and i was amused because she contemplated that as she can't imagine being anything else.

not law because not eloquent enough;
not engineering because her physics sucks (her own words);
not accountancy or actuarial science because doesn't like maths (although doesn't mind the money!);
not architecture because can't draw to save her life;
& not teaching because lacking in communication skills.

so, she chose medicine by a process of elimination.

that's why i'm amused. (muted ha! ha!)


jemima said...

It's early days yet.. but I wish her the very best in her future undertakings. :)

Happy Father's Day to you, Doc. :D

missyc said...

probably its her calling & you are her mentor

reanaclaire said...

like father, like daughter.. yes..
so you are amused.. if my kids told me that, i will be amazed! :)

zewt said...

hmmm... not a good move...

and by the way, not all business and accountancy ppl make big bucks...

doc said...


definitely very early days thus far.

thanks for your kind wishes.

doc said...


once i'm convinced it's her calling, & she qualifies for med school, then i'd be proud to be her mentor.

(but not a moment before that!)

doc said...


i'm still amused because she stated her intention without much conviction.

ilene said...

I suppose she has given great thoughts about what she wants to do. Children these days are spoilt for choices thus leading them into a state of confusion. Hope your girl has thought about it wisely as it's definitely not cheap doing a medical course. ;)

doc said...


ha ha, for the moment, it's a non-starter.

of course, not everyone makes it big in accounts/finance/business, but teenagers are just idealistic, though often misguided, in their outlook.

she'll see the true picture as she matures.

LX said...

Doc, how old is your daughter?

doc said...


i doubt if she has seriously thought it through. remember the Hongkong Bank commercial where the daughter gave up medicine after THREE years because she confessed she did it for her father, also a doctor, but her passion has always been art??

that scenario has been replaying in my mind ever since i had that talk with my daughter!!

doc said...


she is 16 this year.

Unicorn Girl said...

I'm excited for the girl. Cheer her on Doc - just like what they say , daddy's girl.......:)

doc said...


thanks, UG, for the encouragement.

GO!GO! daddy's girl!!

(but please watch your steps)

Anonymous said...


I like your daughter's elimination


My girl has yet to decide, eliminated a few along the way as well...this MUST be the NEW method of career choice among the young people these days. Let us parents stand on the sidelines and pray and cheer! (claiming jeremiah 29v11 for them)

Just me

doc said...

Just me,

at her age, i think the girl is still searching for answers. even i can't envisage what would be suitable for her, but i'm sure God will reveal all in His time.

JoMel said...

when she's in junior college, that would be a good time to re-evaluate her options, and speaking to a college counsellor will help too, as well as attending career talks.

My daughter, the 9-year-old too told me a few times that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, no explanation offered. Somedays, she said she wants to be a policewoman (because can earn a lot of money taking money from motorists worrr).. Can you imagine?!

doc said...


that's true. there's just so many options now & she's still unsure of what she actually wants to do.

kids, they say the darnest things, don't they? & they have the most vivid imagination as well!