Tuesday, July 20, 2010


went to see the movie with the boy last weekend. instead of just killing a couple of hours, i'm beginning to realise that these so-called kiddie (animated) movies, as much fun as they are, actually inculcate good moral values within its plot & encouraging us to be & do better. the message i got from this movie is that, no matter how mean or despicable one is & can be, there's always a glimmer of hope that, under unusual circumstances, some good can actually come out of that person.

looking back to some movies i've watched with the kids, these are some lessons i think that could be taught & learned:

Kung Fu Panda : don't make fun of fat, clumsy people - they may yet be the hero you are looking for!

Shrek Forever After : even though you know you are married to your one True Love, you really don't appreciate her till you lose her.

& my favourite cartoon movie....

UP : the epitome of true love, sprouting out of shyness between 2 kids, blooming throughout adulthood & culminating in realising their dream, even after one has passed on.

yeah, i know - i get all mushy inside with True Love movies (i like Grease & Notting Hill, too!), but after watching Despicable Me, even if i'm not that despicable, i think i want to be a SuperDad.

PS. Bee Movie & Wall-E both not only left no impression, they also left me clueless!!


eugene said...

Then, you watch The Incredible. Bet you will like it

reanaclaire said...

so far, never watch these animated movies before.. prefer real life people.. like Grease, Notting Hill, Best Friend's Wedding... mushy mushy stuff as u said.. :)

iml said...

What matters most is the good time you had with son. Years from now, he'll proudly announce how his dad went that extra mile by going to kiddies movies with him.

doc said...


thanks for the tip.

doc said...


that's probably your kids are all grown up.

doc said...


yes, i look forward to THAT day! hmm....superdad.

Mei Teng said...

I love watching cartoons by Pixar. Most of these are actually more for adults than kids.

I like your lesson learned from Kung Fu Panda.

I like the recent Toy Story 3. So funny and entertaining.

doc said...

Mei Teng,

most kids just enjoy the fun of animation, but for me, i'm learning to appreciate the lessons one can learn from these movies.

i missed out on toy story 3.

Loshini said...

haha... i get the wall-e part all too well. walked out of the theatre speechless :)

Unicorn Girl said...

Bravo ! to you Doc and continue on with the bonding sessions with your little ones while they are still little :)

doc said...


you did? you must be very tuned to environmental issues.

till now, i remained clueless.

doc said...


thanks & i will do so.

anastasia said...

I think that most of the animated films actually carry good messages and are designed that way.

Wall-E: love the planet? the effects or Modernisation-the obesity, the laziness, the sitting around all day literally? Perhaps a "what would happen to you if you continue with this lifestyle"

doc said...


a noble message but couldn't the producers convey it in a way that don't make kids fidget in their seats & adults yawn in boredom??