Sunday, October 31, 2010


we all know about the tragic accident involving a bus near genting just last week. 7 killed & 17 others injured, including the driver. today, he admitted to not even possessing a valid driving licence while adding that the brakes on the bus weren't working. it wouldn't surprise me that all fingers will now be pointed at the bus owners. why did they employ a driver without a licence & why did they use a bus with faulty brakes?

you could say it's bad luck. 13 years driving without a licence & if it weren't for a bus with faulty brakes going down a slope, he'd still be driving a bus with someone you know or love in it. or, you yourself could have been in it.

a lot of things around us would have passed by unnoticed if it weren't for a twist in events.

if the cost overruns of the PKFZ weren't discovered, we would not have known about the shady land deals & other financial irregularities, costing the public billions of ringgit.

if it weren't for the financial crisis of 2007/8, bernie madoff would still be happily ripping millions off innocent investors with his ponzi schemes.

however, herein lies the difference...

from his hospital bed, the injured bus driver has publicly apologised for his transgression. he will probably be charged for dangerous driving, driving without a valid licence & perhaps even manslaughter, punishable by a jail term if found guilty.

madoff also made a public apology in court before he was sentenced to a 150-year imprisonment last year.

however, the perpetrators of the PKFZ fiasco have neither apologised for misleading the govt nor expressed remorse for squandering public funds. they are still walking free.

In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them for the eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good. deut 32:35, prov 15:3


stay-at-home mum said...

But an apology will not bring back lives, nor the money many were cheated of by Madoff!! It is not enough. Something must be done to stop these things from starting in the first place.

reanaclaire said...

when accidents happen, we always read about the company's summonses, no driving license.. and all that.. when lives are claimed, everyone point fingers.. this is Malaysia..

fishtail said...

Not too long ago, I was with one of the perpetrators of the PKFZ thing. She was with her husband and others. The millionaire couple acted like PKFZ never existed in their vocabulary. You're right: no remorse whatsoever.

Yan said...

To add to fishtail - the Auditor-general reported a certain airport cost overrun, shady works etc. The next day, the builder invited the media to an airport tour showing how perfect is his job, and even got a pilot to praise how smooth is the runway!

Yvonne Foong said...

They could get away with what they were doing, so why not? (Sarcasm)

doc said...


true, nothing said or done can bring back the deceased & squandered funds, but an apology does reflect if one actually regrets one's actions, if not sincerely then at least outwardly, in which case i think they should be given a second chance AFTER going through punishment that commensurates with the wrongdoing.

there aren't enough law enforcers to stop crime from being committed but that's not the point. our actions must be guided by our conscience & only God can change the heart.

doc said...


in an imperfect world, you can expect this to occur but we have the promise & hope for a better life.

doc said...


i guess that's how one will act when not guided by the Law & one's conscience.

doc said...


the Auditors' report is just the tip of the iceberg of the gross mismanagement the country. i was aghast when i read UM's dental faculty squandered funds on the dental chairs!

doc said...


that's only because no human eyes are watching.

wait, come to think of it, they are doing it publicly!!

Yan said...

Love this -

doc said...


thanks. i'm already on Grace@Work's mailing list.