Tuesday, November 02, 2010

near-perfect weekend

no doctors i know ever relish doing on-call on weekends, regardless of remuneration. myself included.

but although my time is largely determined by the whims and fancies severity of the patients' illnesses & i can't get away from that, it doesn't stop me from making a wish-list of a perfect weekend on-call :

1) all clinical work completed by evening;
2) no need to be called out to hospital after 12 midnite;
3) uninterrupted sleep till the next morning;
4) able to attend church on sunday morning;
5) have dinner with the family AND.....
6) get to watch all the important Premier League games!!

last weekend, i only missed out on one dinner with the family. can't really ask for more!

**after some thought, i realised the term "perfect weekend on-call" probably doesn't exist - can spending time on-call in hospital over a weekend be considered perfect??**


Unknown said...

That will depend on you,Doc....my salute to those doctors who perform their duties professionally and humanly..

take care now and god bless

HappySurfer said...

LOL on the EPL games. You're only human, Doc, plus one who saves lives at that!

Perfect is indeed elusive.. but having most items checked off is as perfect as it gets. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I wanna add....no person relishes the idea of having to work half day on Saturdays! :) Feels like you only have one day left in the week for yourself...which is hardly enough.

Medie007 said...


only wish it's a good call with no dying patients. that'll be a good call for me. :P

Birthie said...

Even a doctor tried his best to have time catered for the family and himself. What excuse is there for me?

Way to go, doc. Cheers.

doc said...


i salute my colleagues who do that, too!

God bless!

doc said...

Happy Surfer,

on some weekend nites, the EPL games are the only action i look forward to.

doc said...


i've accepted that part of life already - until i'm quite immuned to it now!

(isn't that ironic - death is now part of my life???)

doc said...

Mei Teng,

i know what you mean. when i do weekend calls, it means i'm working 2 weeks running, taking a break only at the following weekend.

doc said...


none whatsoever!!


PS. thanks for your comment.

Yvonne Foong said...

Can. If you work in a hospital that furnishes itself like the Children's Inn at NIH. Then you can imagine yourself being at home with the kids. Haha. No, I'm kidding. The Children's Inn is not the hospital. But won't it be nice if hospitals are more like home?

No said...

:) Just read the post on praying with the woman. How beautiful. Truly. Anytime I've had surgery I've appreciated when my docs have said affirmations w/ me.

I'm SO GLAD you are willing to pray w/ your pts!!! I'M SO GLAD. We need to be more loving and kind to people. It is necessary.

Cheers to you. Thank you for being good to your patients.

And hopefully you get to watch the game and get to church. ;)

doc said...


i still miss those days in UK when i worked in hospitals with a doctors' lounge - with free flow of coffee/tea & sandwiches, satellite TV, newspapers, pool table & kichenette.

now, i'm just happy when the broadband works.

doc said...

Hi Melissa,

thanks for your comment.

when the patient feels good, i feel confident getting the job done, & it's a great comfort to know God is walking with the both of us.

hopefully, you'll have many days of remission.

Adino said...

I think if being on call happens once in a while its ok... but definitely not every week!

Yvonne Foong said...

Doc, I didn't know the UK have these lounges for doctors! How nice! Sounds like they take care of their doctors' welfare.

doc said...


you're right - it's only once a month. thank goodness!

doc said...


yes, doctors are much better taken care of in UK. their working hours are guided by law, eg. no more than 60hrs a week & adequate rest time after on-call.

i may call it a lounge but they just call it doctor's room.

Unicorn Girl said...

that's sure a wonderful life of a doctor - ain't it ? the balancing act.

doc said...


wonderful is an overstatement! but we get used to it.