Monday, April 18, 2011

internet banking?

internet banking is supposed to effect transactions in the blink of an eye, right?

when i tried out CIMB clicks, my account is debited & the money got transferred out as soon as i hit the enter button.

not so with RHB. i tried to pay my credit card bill today the same way. but after 12 hours, nothing has happened. i checked my savings account & no funds has been debited. so i called up the credit card centre to enquire if the bill has been paid. the lady said it'll take THREE DAYS to update the account!! to be fair to her, she did apologise although i doubt if she was responsible for this.

maybe that's why CIMB is the 2nd largest bank (by capitalisation, which probably also means 2nd richest) & RHB is not. but i'm only with RHB because their travelmoney credit card gives the best cash rebates (between 2 - 10%) for fuel.


suituapui said...

I find EON very efficient and user-friendly. I've AmBank too...but it is so tedious even to log in, I would just drop by the bank personally to do any transaction.

doc said...


internet banking is supposed to cut queues at the bank, but it looks like i'll have to transact over the counter for this one.

Adino said...

Three days for a payment between accounts in the same bank? That's a long time for your payment to be in limbo, somewhere, profiting someone else with interest.

Unicorn Girl said...

Doc - why don't you just stick on with CIMB and bargain with them for the same benefits that RHB is offering you ? It does work sometimes if you happen to be a premier customer :) ........ this is speaking from experience-lah !

doc said...


the bank profits. the bank doesn't do anything without gaining some profit.

which makes you wonder how some banks go bankrupt!

doc said...


unfortunately, CIMB cards don't offer petrol rebates. in any case, i've cancelled my CIMB cards with the imposition of the annual govt tax.

missyc said...

most banks now offering cash rebates, grab the offer if they invite you & always look for lifetime annual fee waiver.

RHB too slow if they take 3days for clearance for online pymt esp if pymt is from your own account. which planet are they from ?

doc said...


that's why they are not one of the top banks around.

Yvonne Foong said...

you are paying credit card issued by the same bank? yet it takes so long? that's funny.

doc said...


it's a new card & i haven't linked it to my account, hence have to pay manually. once they're linked, the card bill will be paid by auto-debit.