Thursday, April 14, 2011

taxes & death

who was it who said that the only things certain in life are taxes & death?

anyway, it's a load off my back now that i've submitted the receipts & statements as i fulfill my responsibility as a tax-paying citizen. but the issue that leaves a bitter after-taste is the way the guardians of our country's wealth seems to squander away needlessly on dubious projects & schemes.

it was announced yesterday that malaysian experts working overseas who return home to serve will be subject to a special flat tax rate of 15% (compared to a maximum of 26% we non-experts have to pay), except that it's only for 5 years. i doubt if our experts overseas are jumping for joy at this offer. only FIVE years & what happens after that? they will still have to put up with all the rubbish we all face on a daily basis.

nah, this is only a stop-gap measure & both the govt & experts know that. we all look for long-term solutions to our brain drain & other pressing matters, eg. education, healthcare, etc.

this requires strong political will to achieve & everyone knows this is still sadly lacking in the current batch of leaders.


missyc said...

my two bro-in-law definitely won't come back not just yet.. coz they enjoying expat life in middle east, safe - no rempits no snatch thief, plus the muslims there more tolerant than the moral guardians here in bolehland & best of all its tax free !

doc said...


i guess it's still ok over there, considering what's happened in egypt & bahrain.