Monday, July 18, 2011


it was with a little apprehension that i approached the same spot where the accident happened exactly 4 weeks ago. a bit like returning to the scene of the crime & it was fortunate that no one got killed.
this was the 51.7km mark, southbound on the NSE, just after the simpang renggam exit.

i slowed down a bit while taking in the whole scene. there weren't any brake marks on the road to betray what had happened. i also pointed out to the family the spot on the grass verge where i had parked while checking out the passengers in the other vehicles. everything looked normal.

in seconds, we had gone pass. as a reflex action, i looked into the rearview mirror, hoping to see something (or someone) out of the ordinary. there was none.

but i knew in my heart, an angel of mercy had watch over us at that very spot.


Unicorn Girl said...

AMEN ! to that !

Anny said...

Life is so fragile - glad you and family were ok :) Definitely something to give thanks for.

doc said...



doc said...