Thursday, July 14, 2011

we were there...

no, not at the street protest......(hangs head in shame)

but with the kids at the stadium for the much anticipated friendly game between a malaysian selection & the visiting arsenal football club.

this was our (B8 & i) 1st time watching a game at the national stadium but it was the kids who were more excited. for us, it's an important bonding exercise because we all enjoy watching football on TV & this was certainly one game the kids will remember for a long time to come.

& it's obvious from the colours of the crowd, the majority were there to support the visiting team.

what's not so obvious was how our wives allowed the kids to go for the game. it started promptly at 8.45pm & by the time we got home, it was way past midnite - way past their bedtime & there was school the next day.


reanaclaire said...

So they must be exhausted the next day... but never mind, once awhile must break the rules and let go... :) let them experience the live game instead of watching on TV..

iml said...

Mummies are not so unreasonable after all.

doc said...


they were. my son couldn't concentrate on his tuition the next day & he slept early that nite (i imagined) with a huge smile.

doc said...




wenn said...

a special day and they will never forget..

Yvonne Foong said...

Well, your wife already married the big boy and after so many years, she would have come to accept the importance of football and boyhood. :P Have you tried asking her to let the girl go too?

Did you treat the wife to a good meal for her benevolence? Hehehe

doc said...


yes, very special day!

doc said...


the girl is all green with envy because she couldn't make it.

the wife's just reward was the evening she had all to herself without interruption.