Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i'm a millionaire!

actually it's no big deal la!

most malaysians visiting indonesia carry with them millions of rupiahs - after all a million rupiahs exchange for about rm360.

we were on our family vacation in bali over the weekend. flying by air asia, we tried to save as much as possible by paying only for the services we needed. so, we did self check-in, ordered in-flight meals online, paid for a 20kg luggage & didn't select our seats. we thought it was a challenge to pack 4 person's clothes into one bag with a 20kg limit but we amazed ourselves that we were able to, by bringing only the necessary personal effects. (sorry, boy, you can't bring your scrabble set.) we could achieve this feat because each of us could carry a hand luggage of up to 7kg apiece.

we elected to stay at sanur (about 30min's drive from the airport) instead of the more famous kuta area, made infamous by the bomb attacks some years back. it's obvious from day 1 that balinese are deeply religious. they place burning incense in front of their businesses as offerings to the gods....

....and some have little statues of the deities as well.....

because of the deep religious beliefs, it's not surprising that major crimes in bali are few & far in between, except when committed by foreigners, like the bomb blasts of 2002 & 2005.

one item of news which you probably didn't know...last week, during the summit of east asian countries, the airport at denpasar had to be closed to prepare for the arrival of barak obama. a passenger plane that was supposed to land at 6pm had to be diverted to bandung, 860km away in java, & finally landed in bali only at 2am that nite.

talk about making a grand presidential entrance!

**next : the tour proper begins....**


Yvonne Foong said...

I wonder how I'd like it in Obama's shoes to arrive at an empty airport with nothing except officials. I mean, ISA and Gulag officials are also officuaks, :P

Seeing ordinary people on the streets is the real sense of security.

Did you buy souvenirs? People usually squeeze everything into one luggage going there but eventually have to buy another luggage after all the shopping sprees.

doc said...


since 9-11, i think the US presidents have tried avoiding visits to muslim countries for obvious reasons.

we weren't exactly on a souvenir buying spree - a few boxes of kueh lapis, a couple of paintings, a wood-carving & some T-shirts. our sole luggage bag weighed about 19kg on both trips.

Cara Lim said...

I have to stand and bow in awe of a family who went to Bali and came back with only 19kg of luggage. *feeling faint*

Ok, I can understand the <20kg going there, but the <20kg coming back??? Unheard of, doc. Tony Fernandez should be warned about this particular family *ROTFL*

Hope you enjoyed Bali and looking forward to your take on the island.

missyc said...

19kg per pax or family ? hehe

yup they are deeply religious, even watching sunset is part of ritual.

waiting to read more of yr balinese trip :)

Medie007 said...

and i thought i was smart bringing 10kg of luggage for my trip. LMAO. came back double with all my shoppings. >_<

doc said...


flying MAS & A.Asia is like eating at a restaurant. if you already paid full-fare, it's like a buffet, you eat more than you need. if flying no-frills, it's like ala carte, you only order what you need/like. like most m'sians, i skipped the appetiser & dessert & just went for the main course.

why did i equate flying to food? must be the hangover effect of nigella.... ;)

trying to organise the photos. will post soon.

btw, feeling faint on standing & bowing may be a result of postural hypotension. another excuse to meet the ex-hubs?

doc said...


19kg for whole family. quite a feat, yes? the carry-on bags helped - most of the shopping were packed in them.

doc said...


10kg is really pushing the limit la!!