Tuesday, November 01, 2011

angels & demons

overheard in a phone conversation:

Dr A : nurse, what time is my patient's operation scheduled for?

Nurse : 1pm

Dr A :  ok, make sure i get to operate before Dr B. after all, i booked my case before him.

Nurse :  ok

Dr A :  make sure you don't call for Dr B's patient until i've finished with mine. he can operate after office hours if he wants to. **evil laugh**

this, by the way, is not a scene from a dan brown's novel. maybe it should be retitled halloween in hospital. **more evil laugh**


Small Kucing said...


doc said...

Small Kucing,

happens everywhere, doesn't it? wonder if it reared it's ugly head in school.

Yvonne Foong said...

Sounds like a public hospital comedy where the lack of operating theatres and equipments limit the surgeries performed to one case a day. LOL.

Am I too accustomed to being operated in a specialist hospital? But I haven't heard of such a scenario for a long time. There are day surgeries. I think a few levels at SVMC have operating theatres and the seventh floor is specially for ENT/neurosurgery.

doc said...


no, you've already have had your fair share of bad experiences at public hospitals, so there's nothing wrong with seeking treatment at private ones.

just don't forget your roots.

Unicorn Girl said...

Even doctors are being competitive ??? tsk ! tsk !

doc said...


doctors are humans, too, made of flesh & blood.

especially flesh.