Friday, October 28, 2011

dangerous sports

you'd think motorsports is dangerous. after all, 2 people were killed separately in Las Vegas & here in Sepang just last week.

you'd think competitive rugby & football are dangerous, these being contact sports.

you think bungee-jumping is dangerous, since it is invariably listed as an exclusion in accident/travel insurance policies.

what about high-jump in school?

you'd never expect this to happen but it did. this 10 year-old boy jumped & landed on his outstretched hands. being right-handed, the impact was felt on this hand & it broke 2 bones. just goes to show that you don't need to participate in dangerous sports to be injured.

i should know. my son broke the same 2 bones playing goalkeeper in a football game with his friends earlier this year.


Yvonne Foong said...

What's risk-free in life?

Reminds me of the three years when my spine declined, my parents were in denial and I continued to do my sports despite the bruised knees and sprained ankles. Even though it was painful, we would grit our teeth and once the pain goes away and the wound heals, we would get back into action.

The human potential is limitless. So is the human will.

stay-at-home mum said...

I think it is usually the child using the hand to break their fall that results in the fracture. Which is why I dont understand those parent that buy wheelies (shoes with wheels at the heels) for their kids. I have seen so many children with broken arms as a result of those shoes, and I am not even a doctor!

iml said...

Even walking around the house is dangerous. Mum accidentally kicked her little toe into the chair leg and ended up with a hairline crack.

missyc said...

sports are dangerous only after an accident when it involves injury or death eg.. one who runs a marathon and dies suddenly or the police chief who dies of heart attack on the golf course.

its difficult to stay safe like how iml describe :(

doc said...

life itself is a risk; even at home, even when we're very careful, accidents still occur.

so, confining one to the home is not the solution to avoid accidents.

just live life, as the cliche goes, to the fullest!

doc said...


those wheelies, like cars, are actually safe, provided if used properly. unfortunately, children often throw caution to the wind as they speed on!

doc said...


danger lurks everywhere!

just this week, i had 2 grandmas slipped in the bathroom & both fractured the hip.

doc said...


just live & leave the rest to God! when the time is up, it's time to go.

Adino said...

Ouch looks painful. You would think high jump would be safe because they usually put that big mattress there. I guess strange accidents happen.

As a parent, I feel apprehensive to let my kids participate in any sport or outdoor activities, but that is just me being selfish, paranoid and insecure!

doc said...


actually, the high-jump was done on the playing field! chinese school la!

given the school environment these days, all concerned parents, myself included, are somewhat selfish/paranoid/insecure one way or other. so you are in good company!

fishtail said...

It's safer to play scrabbles. The only time one gets hurt over scrabbles is when one's opponent smashes the board over one's head when losing.

reanaclaire said...

My eldest son fractured his last finger playing basketball for the very first time... and till today, his last finger is sort of "sengat" ... after that, he is into badminton.. :)

doc said...


scrabble safe? in an episode of Friends, Ross's monkey actually choked on a letter.

doc said...


i quit badminton because i was getting too old & also, i was seeing too many Archille's tendon injuries in hospital.

anastasia said...

You should come to your blog front page, read this post, and the scroll down and read the title of the one posted right before this.

doc said...


different kind of breaks, though.