Monday, October 10, 2011

most eligible bachelor

bachelor may not be the appropriate description because my colleague is recently divorced. his was supposed to be the happy-ending genre - 2 doctors who married & went on to specialist training. he qualified & went into private practice while she qualified & was sent overseas for further training. they were supposed to start a family when she returned.

but she didn't.

she found life away from home to her liking, so much so that after the supposed 1-year training, she found herself another job & just continued working. it's been over 2 years since she left, so after many (failed) attempts at reconciliation, he gave up & filed for divorce. the papers just came through.

word spread fast, not so much the doomed marriage as a 40-something medical specialist with a flourishing private practice now available for suitors of the romantic kind. he has the temperament & character that would make any propective in-laws sit up & take notice.

already i can see 2 families making moves to catch his attention. he may want a break after the trauma of the divorce but he's just too nice a guy to remain single - he needs someone to share his affection &

but here's the catch. he attends church & if he adheres to church beliefs, he can't marry without being branded as an adulterer, no less.

"I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”  matt 19:9

i don't know how this will pan out as we all watch with anticipation.


wenn said...

i sympatize him..he should get a new one.

eugene said...

I thought i read it right that,the divorce paper signed,sealed and delivered,,mutual one? then I think it should be ok what?

Anyway in this instance,we can only wish him all the best,hopefully,the one soon he marries,will not be for his $$$$$

missyc said...

God knows he's not an adulterer, so why must people judge? He should follow his heart & find love again, life is too short. I've personally known few church going God fearing ppl with wife & mistress & they don't care :p

doc said...


only he can make that decision.

doc said...


love or money?

that's the tough choice he has to face.

doc said...


men with mistresses don't fear God, whatever their profession of religion.

fibrate said...

No mugshot?!!! :)

doc said...


when i accorded him "most eligible" status, i meant it in all respects - pleasant looking, good character, very professional & loves children.

feel free to communicate with me for further details.

Yvonne Foong said...

40 something ah? Too old lar. Let me know if a 20-something becomes available.

Church beliefs?? This is not Elizabethan times!

doc said...


if this is not Elizabethan times, then 40 is not too old!

Yvonne Foong said...

Only in olden days do young girls like me get forced to marry rich old men.

Unicorn Girl said...

ooohh goodie ! So I too stand a chance eh ? wink ! wink !

me said...

lol. i just had to comment after reading your response to MissyC. Men with mistresses also don't fear their wives, apparently, whatever profession or religion :-p

doc said...


thanks goodness we're in the modern era?

doc said...


there's a new bachelor in town & it's open season!

doc said...


hope that's not a personal experience.


me said...

just an obvious observation :-p

doc said...


glad to know.

anastasia said...

*ignores last part of post*
Is this forbidden fruit posted up for the sole purpose of tempting me? *drool*

Jokes aside, I cannot help but respond to missyc. How do you know what God thinks?
People, Christians especially, always say that it's not good to judge. For Christians, in part it is because only God's judgement matters and a human judging would be presumptuous that one's judgement is as important as God's. But even when you judge something as "ok" that's a judgment too.

doc said...


he doesn't drive a porsche.

if you don't mind that, send me your CV with recent photo.

anastasia said...

sigh, after that last time round, all I want is a gentleman.

doc said...


my colleague's a gentleman. i can vouch for that.