Thursday, October 20, 2011

so, you think you're safe at 33?

you'd never expect someone who's 33 years old to have a stroke, right?


this technician was at an office meeting when he suddenly keeled over & starting talking gibberish. he was brought to hospital & a CT scan of the brain revealed a blood clot in his brain.
while preparing for surgery, a repeat scan revealed that the clot has expanded.

the clot was successfully evacuated. he is recovering in ICU & he woke up this morning from the sedation. it was noted that his blood pressure was excessively high before surgery & this was most likely the reason for the stroke. apparently, hypertension runs in his family.

if he doesn't take care of himself, he can expect to have another stroke or even a heart attack before he reaches 40.

gives new meaning to the term life is short, doesn't it?


Yvonne Foong said...

Not only that, the people that will be affected by a second stroke, is unpredictable. Remembering how my father's stroke affected my life entirely. But it could be a good thing after all. I could have grown up a spooilt brat otherwise! LOL. I do have a few memories of my dad before his stroke when I was three. He once bought me a whole box of Sugus. Mom complained of how wasteful he was.

missyc said...

oh well, we are all "Living Time Bomb" nobody leaves this world alive anyway no matter how hard we try to stay safe :(

doc said...


a parent's love for a child is so special & personal that, sometimes, even the other parent may not be able to fathom.

i certainly can relate to that.

doc said...


true, no one leaves this world alive, but there's no reason not to prepare oneself for the life after.

zewt said...

wow...that's my age!

when i take my BP at home, it's always around 110/70 .... when i am at the doc, it's 140/85....

white coat...

doc said...


or, could it be the hot nurse?