Monday, February 13, 2012

03-2266 2222

this call came thru this morning & that's the official looking number displayed on my hp.

the voice on the other end was gruff & official sounding, & was apparently a high-ranking police officer from bukit aman who could identify my name. he went on to ask if i knew 2 names he mentioned. when i said i didn't know them, he proceeded to elaborate that they lived in my area & were involved in large borrowings from banks in hong kong. he 1st spoke in english, then mandarin.

i've received many scam emails before from persons in africa who wants to use my bank account to deposit cash due to me from generous but unknown politicians. i've also had youths with neck-ties coming to my home asking me to scratch their lucky draw cards.

but this is the 1st time i've had a phone call like this, so i cut him off in mid-sentence. i figured if he was genuine & serious, he'd call back & i'd apologise for the poor connection. but he didn't.

you read the papers & everyday there are stories of deception where people deposit cash to a stranger's account to gain more cash or to cement an ambiguous relationship. they are gullible maybe because of desperation or greed.

after all, desperate situations demand desperate measures.

& nothing ventured, nothing gained.

my neighbour just bought a whole bunch of watches from a friend in a business deal. now, she's asking the wife to help peddle them for a commission.

who was it who said there's one born every minute?


Cara Lim said...

I am surprised that the person is using a fixed line that could be easily traced. I have received calls like these before but they are usually from handphone lines or shows up as "Unknown" on my phone. Previously, I do not pick up calls which I am not familiar with, but I got scolded when my husband found out 'coz he said what if it is an emergency? (esp with elderly folks at home). So these days when I answer a call from an unfamilar or unknown no, I will put on my gruffiest voice hoping to sound like a man; or I will keep saying "hello, hello" and cut the line off if I suspect something amissed. Of course, if the person calls back, I will gladly answer the call with "Hello, ini GH rumah mayat". Works like a gem everytime.

doc said...


you have a scary alter-ego!!


Small Kucing said...

saw this scam in the newspaper b4

doc said...

Small Kucing,

happens all the time.

Cara Lim said...

I don't mean to sound scary or anything but when you get harassed by calls esp the obscene ones, you just feel violated. So I prefer to nip it at the bud. Kick the fella in the teeth, so to speak, when it is obvious he is trying to chat me up.

doc said...


ok, next time i get a rumah mayat response, i'll know it's you.

TZ said...

Now it's so tough to know whether the call from Bank is real or fake :(

doc said...


as long as you don't know the person, or you didn't apply for that loan or credit card, it's most likely a scam.