Monday, February 06, 2012

a twist in the tale

you must have read this somewhere but i'm going to post anyway.

a tourist to spain made a point to watch a bull-fight in madrid. he was impressed that the matadors on that day seemed to effortless stick spears into the bulls & thus killing the animals. at the end of the spectacle, he opted to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. he was fascinated that the most popular dish looked like what he thought was meatballs. he asked the waiter what they were & was told that they were actually deep-fried bull testicles, from the animals that were killed at the bull-ring. he was initially aghast but curiosity got the better of him as the diners seemed to enjoy their meals. he made an order & he was indeed convinced it was the best meat-balls he's ever savoured.

so good was the dish that he returned the next day to the same restaurant & ordered the same. however, this time he was disappointed that the meat-balls were much smaller in size. he asked the waiter why that was so, to which the waiter replied:

sometimes, the bull wins.

i remembered this tale because of a patient who came for minor surgery today. he was involved in a road traffic accident where the car he was travelling in crashed into a tree. he was a back-seat passenger while the driver & front passenger died in the head-on collision.

and he wasn't even using the seat-belt.

he was extremely fortunate. in a collision like this, he only sustained a cut on his shoulder while his 2 friends perished.

yeah, somtimes the bull wins.


Small Kucing said...

hmm...someone gotta win and someone gotta loose

doc said...


if only we can have win-win outcomes all the time!

reanaclaire said...

He has a reason to live, I guess..

doc said...


only God knows why & how he escaped death.

Cara Lim said...

I hope he remembers this and sees everyday from hereon as a blessing. I would.

doc said...


i would hope so, too.

Unicorn Girl said...

It's indeed weird how come he cheated death with just a cut on a shoulder while the ones in front of him died.........unless he's the CHOSEN one......heeheehee

doc said...


or, maybe this could be a Final Destination ala malaysia.