Tuesday, January 31, 2012


a queen of england.

a state in australia.

a railway station in london.

wife of david beckham.

a reknown lingerie brand.

and the new australian open tennis women's champion & current world #1.

so, it was coincidental that my daughter would be enrolled into victoria junior college for A-levels. according to the students, the top 3 ranking JCs are raffles, hwa chong & national. they joked that those who fail to enter hwa chong end up in national, while those that couldn't enter raffles would settle for victoria.

she quipped that she'd be considered a raffles drop-out. i reassured her that she'd be less stressed in an environment where expectations aren't sky-high & just to enjoy herself in the last 2 years of formal schooling. i know i did.

i just hope the boys won't be too much of a distraction.


stay-at-home mum said...

really National is #3? I always thought it was Victoria. Anyway, it is in my view. Those from NJ just come out too much civil-servant-like. Congrats!

doc said...


thanks. she's happy as a lark as victoria was her 1st choice. i'm happy as i've not been to the east coast, so this gives us the opportunity to visit.

Small Kucing said...

and also my ex-manager's daughter's name

doc said...


it's a typical english name, isn't it?

Cara said...

I'm glad it was her first choice and she got it. Anyway, what is there to say that a student from a JC that is not the top three getting the country's best A-Levels results, right? Sometimes more than anything, it's the peer pressure, the intense competition and the mental stress that prevents one from achieving their best.

doc said...


she wants to "lepak" after being stressed out in the O-levels, that's why she placed the top-3 JCs at 3rd, 4th & 5th choices.

however, she's a bit disappointed with the victoria hostel as it isn't co-ed.

ha ha, i now sleep better at nite.

Bengbeng said...

at least this has been decided n you can move on to the next phase of worry :) when i think of the long yrs still ahead for benghui to 'mengharungi' it seems daunting still. happy chap goh mei

Oldstock said...

Doc, could it possibly be the other way round... I mean, she's distracting the boys? Hehe...

VJC still ok mah...

Unicorn Girl said...

What a coincidence .

BTW - is your daughter's name Victoria too ? :)

doc said...


next phase of worry, huh?

ha ha, this is the scary part where the boys come into the picture.

doc said...


she's an introvert, so that's not likely!

so VJC, it will be.

doc said...


THAT would be a weird conincidence!!