Sunday, January 22, 2012

like a lottery.

a lottery, as we all know, is a game of chance. whether you choose a series of numbers or buy numbered tickets, you win by a lucky draw. there's no intelligent thinking or effort that determines the outcome, except only by chance.

like sending your car to the workshop. if you go to a manufacturer authorised workshop, you'd expect a certain standard of service. you'd think the mechanics are well-trained, the equipment up-to-date & the spare parts genuine. but is it possible, by chance, one day you are allocated a mechanic who has some personal problems that affects his work? imagine what could go wrong after he's done with your car.

like going to the emergency department. you find out that you require urgent surgery & the surgeon, by chance, needs to attend an important dinner that very day. so, he hurriedly tries to complete the surgery in time for his dinner date. imagine you are that patient & what could possibly go wrong.

things happen, often randomly, but by the grace of God, we are mostly spared the dire consequences.


wenn said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

doc said...


blessed new year!

Medie007 said...

happy new year doc!

Tempus said...

that's when we tell ourselves: docs ain't god. They are humans too.

and we just WISH that they are professional

doc said...


blessed new year!

doc said...


there are black sheep in every profession.

Cara said...


doc said...


it happened.

be very afraid.

fibrate said...

Yeah, I always fear that the pilot flying the plane I'm in is having bad day. Or a MI :)

doc said...


have you been watching Crash Scene Investigation or Seconds From Disaster on astro??